Matrix cabinet

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5080 Meadow Creek Drive Cumming GA 30028-8525
5080 Meadow Creek Drive Cumming Georgia 30028 US

MATRIX are an innovative smart lockers which allows you to safely store a wide range of objects such as keys, tools, phones and other valuable items and then manage

the access to them in a way you never seen before.

Now you will be able to store valuable objects, determine who has access to them and receive real time information such as who took them, when and for which purpose.

With MATRIX each and every object is stored in a sealed and separate compartment so you can be assured that only the authorized users have access to it.

MATRIX gives you the highest level of security as every operation is captured by a dedicated video camera

The MATRIX is the ideal key control system for fleet management and a perfect fit for industrial tools locker.

Matrix smart lockers.jpg 2 years ago
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