1840 Trans-Canada Highway Suite 102 Dorval QC H9P 1H7 Canada
1840 Trans-Canada Highway Suite 102 Dorval Québec H9P 1H7 CA

VOTI is a Canadian technology company that produces innovative 3D Perspective X-ray scanners. These provide point-of-entry or cargofreight security screening in response to the pressing global need for systems capable of detecting the widest range of threats and illicit materials explosives weapons chemicals narcotics contraband. Characterized by remarkably sharp 3D Perspective images and analytics VOTIs feature-rich X-ray scanners provide high quality screening for a wide variety of security-conscious customer locations. These include government buildings embassies prisons courts borders military facilities and airports. VOTIs crystal-clear images and intuitive touchscreen user interface result in easy-to-operate highly reliable and competitively-priced X-ray scanners