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The XComms button can connect to any computer via a USB port  and any instant alert can be easily programmed into any button with short press, long press, alternate or extended alert triggers.

The XComms button comes with an easy to use alert builder that allows users to quickly assign notifications to a button and pre-program the button with any pressed and released state colors.

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Internal Communication Desktop Alerts

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Alerta Deslizante En La Pantalla


Software de alerta para pantallas


Email Outage Communication


Email Outage Notifications


Email Outage Communication


Email Outage Notification Templates


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Email Outage Notification Tool


Email Outage Notifications


Email Outage Communications


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•  Emergency Situations

•  System Outage Notifications

•  Request Emergency Assistance


System Outage Notifications:

Whether it is a general IT system outage, email outage, or downtime notifications, everyone affected can be immediately notified with a simple push of a button.


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•Business Disruptions

•Evacuation Alert

•Resolved Situation Notifications


Push Alert Button


USB Button


USB Button


The XComms Button can be used to deploy any alert notification. From the more crucial emergency alerting to creating general awareness regarding corporate information or business disruptions such as system outages, downtime and maintenance …The XComms Button will save crucial time and get the word out fast.

You can have as few as one XComms Button connected to any machine or with a USB Hub you can create a control panel of alert buttons for instant access to the most critical or commonly used alert notifications.








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