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As a Mobotix partner I must say that I am very concerned with this announcement since finding out that the MOVE range is a Dynacolor OEM rebadge. Yes of course a PTZ addition to the Mobotix range now provides us with the ability to now make a bid for projects requiring mechanical zoom cameras, but it does not provide us with an innovative differentiator.

And then there is the elephant in the room that Mobotix doesn’t want to talk about – pricing. The same Dynacolor products can be purchased at a much lower discount through Dynacolor’s premium distributors. We did the math yesterday and worked out that it would be cheaper for an installer to buy the Dynacolor equivalent with Milestone VMS camera licensing through a Dynacolor distributor than it is to buy the same rebadged cameras through a Mobotix distributor.

Price aside, the the technology is disappointing. Mobotix built its early success on the back of innovation and an array of unique differentiators, so the decision to rebrand a Taiwanese mass produced technology feels like Mobotix is diluting their market positioning.

Also because the MOVE range is Dynacolor technology, it does not include any of the Mobotix key differentiators — “MxPEG”, “decentralized video” and “made in Germany”.

Additionally the Mobotix VMS, MxManagmentCenter, does not support the new Mobotix Move devices so they cannot coexist on the same system with the current Mobotix cameras, unless you buy Milestone licenses. A strategy which is more than bizarre to say the least.

In light of the plummeting Mobotix share price since 2016, it would appear this has been a decision of desperation rather than a strategic move, as a way to garner quick sales, bearing in mind that no meaningful development has been released for Mobotix Move with Mobotix VMS platform.

For the reasons outlined above it is difficult to see how this announcement is a positive move for Mobotix partners or the end customers, in the long term.