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A CCTV security camera system is typically composed of multiple component devices – cameras, network adapters, and video recorders. The cameras are used for security and surveillance purposes, while the network adapters are used to connect the cameras to the internet. Video recorders are used to capture live footage captured by the cameras. These record the images into digital data and then are saved to an online storage device, such as a hard drive, a CD, or a flash drive. The advantage of recording to an online storage device is that it can easily be retrieved should there be a need for replaying the video footage in the future.

Some security cameras have inbuilt sensors that allow them to detect when something is wrong, so they can automatically trigger their own backup systems. Such intelligent cameras are manufactured in bulk quantities and are usually integrated in large data centers. The camera systems are able to collect massive amounts of data, thanks to their complex architecture, and advanced sensors. The network adapters and cameras are connected to a host computer system through the internet. All the analytics programs are fed into a centrally located control station, which is then accessed by remote personnel who are in charge of processing the collected data.

Many modern IP Cameras have in built intelligence engines that allow them to determine the action required and trigger the camera’s backup systems in case of a malfunction or a power outage. These intelligent systems are usually incorporated in large data centers and are fed into large databases that are analyzed by a central monitoring station using an intuitive operating system and remote access software. This type of camera is generally referred to as a “smart camera” and its benefits include: being extremely compact, battery life is extended by the camera’s operating system and usage is restricted only to specific locations. These benefits have made these cameras highly popular with corporate environments and are rapidly gaining popularity with customer and business industries, due to their ease of deployment, low cost, mobility, and flexibility.