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Infrared cameras can be used in many applications and in most sectors of the production, building, and security industry. They are used for many different reasons, from surveillance, data collection and inventory, to inspection and diagnostics. The infrared cameras we are talking about are not visible or heat sensitive, they use an invisible light which cannot be blocked. This makes them perfect for hidden applications such as in the control rooms of big buildings and factories. They also have many other applications, which include surveillance of personnel activities in critical sites such as power plants and factories, remotely operated vehicles, as well as for surveillance of vehicles during parking processes and long roadways.

Most of the time when working with the cameras, you will come across the idea of utilizing infrared technology. Infrared cameras use infrared sensors to detect heat patterns, these sensors are normally located inside the camera body, and they provide thermal imagery which is then analyzed by the computer. Infrared cameras are also instrumental in identifying and measuring heat sources. With the help of this technology, the building owners can detect heat leaks and faulty connections where faulty connections are causing excessive heat buildup which causes discomfort and danger to the workers and the entire building. This has a broad range of applications in the building, agriculture, industrial, security, and inspection industries.

Although the traditional security camera has always been able to measure the heat, but infrared cameras can provide an accurate measurement of heat and radiation patterns in a much smaller and compact space. The measurement is also more accurate compared to the traditional methods because it has a higher sensitivity to detect changes in temperature patterns such as changes in blue/green colors indicating high levels of radiation, changes in red indicating high levels of infrared radiation, and changes in black indicating that there is no heat source. For the applications involving the detection and measurement of radiation levels, the accuracy of the temperature measurement can be enhanced further through the use of sensors that are highly sensitive to IR radiation.