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The Digital Camera leaves an indelible mark on all customers’ lives. However, security camera technology keeps changing at an alarming rate and it is necessary that companies keep pace with the latest developments in camera technology and accessories. New Vision Hub camera Connector gives instant access to all cameras and DVRs (digital video recorders) running on the same device. The Connector connects all the camera devices running on one motherboard and simplifies networking, connectivity, recording, editing, and sharing of images.

The Connector is an affordable product, offering a cost-effective solution to enhance network video management, security, and imaging needs. It offers the functionality of a dual or single hub and is a perfect choice for high-traffic environments. Device Pack 8.4 for Milestone XProtect system provides support for over 5,000 cameras and enables Network Video Recorders to run as virtual Bridges for camera. This innovative product simplifies network video recording, editing, and sharing to help businesses increase their productivity. Businesses can also take advantage of the integrated hardware and software for advanced imaging and visual analytics.

The camera and video management solution are an ideal partner for business and security operations. The Connector simplifies network traffic, reduces cost, provides improved time management, and supports a wide variety of cameras and DVRs. The Connector can be easily upgraded for additional benefits. One Connector can support and protect hundreds of cameras, allowing businesses to benefit from a comprehensive video analytics and video security management solution. The flexibility offered by the Connector makes it a great choice for business security operations.