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Access control system is an intricate security technique that controls who or what is able to use or see certain resources inside a given computing environment. It’s a form of access control which employs pattern recognition to restrict access to particular locations, usually referred to as “access zones.” Access control systems are frequently used to control access to IT resources, corporate networks, private networks, public computers, digital assets, and so on. In addition, access control can be used to secure sensitive data.

Access control is divided into two main categories: physical access control and information security access control. Physical access control protects confidential information. In information security access control, the prevention of unauthorized access is accomplished by ensuring that only those authorized have the information in question. A physical access control system might include physical access control locks, access control cards, security tokens, passwords, security codes, proximity cards, and so on.

Physical access control requires an operator’s contact information along with access codes and/or login credentials. In some cases, physical access control can include one-way glass doors with biometric readers and magnetic cards that lock and unlock from a remote location. However, since physical access control can be quite expensive, it’s most commonly used with information security access control. In this case, access codes and login credentials cannot be printed out and taken with the employee; instead, they must be physically present at the desk and at the access control desk when the system detects unauthorized entry.