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Hi. I’ve been playing around with a Interlogix Ultrasync Doorbell Camera (Model: RS-3240), hoping to add it to a Motioneye server, and ultimately to a home assistant panel. The company pretty much abandoned its consumer product line and any info they did publish online had the admin URL but not the stream URL. Went Old School, installed a packet sniffer on my android and captured the interaction between the app and hub. PCAP showed the cloud side RTSP URL, which was useless for my purpose, but also had a “HIK” buried in the mess. Tried the HIKcamera URLs and it worked. It is a HIK! If you would be so kind as to include the following URLs for this product onto the list:
rtsp://<user&gt;:<password>@<IP address>:554/Steaming/Channels/101/ for HD and rtsp://<user&gt;:<password>@<IP address>:554/Steaming/Channels/102/ for SD. Thanks for your work.