Milestone Cuts All Ties With OnSSI


At the ASIS 2015 Expo in Anaheim, just as the show was about to wrap up after three days, video management software (VMS) leader Milestone made an announcement via a Milestone email blast that the long-standing agreement between OnSSI and Milestone for OnSSI to utilize the Milestone recording engine had elapsed and no further cooperation between the two companies would exist.

And with OnSSI’s recent acquisition of SeeTec and OnSSI integrating the SeeTec recording engine, a 13-year partnership between OnSSI and Milestone (even with their basic competitive positions) has come to an end.

Milestone also announced in their ASIS booth that Milestone would be offering any OnSSI customer a free upgrade to Milestone’s XProtect VMS just for asking.

As the Milestone/OnSSI agreement officially ended at midnight September 30th, Copenhagen, Denmark, time —3:00PM in Anaheim, CA— the email blast announcement was sent out.

“Milestone is offering OnSSI customers safe passage to the Milestone recording engine that they are already comfortable with,” stated Mike Taylor, Director of Sales – North America, Milestone.

“If the OnSSI customer is on a current support agreement, Milestone will offer a license-for-license exchange and honor the remaining support period of the OnSSI support agreement at absolutely no cost,” continued Taylor

As OnSSI is forcing the OnSSI customer to upgrade to their new SeeTec recording engine version, Milestone is offering the same transition to XProtect. This is important because of the vast camera support that the Milestone engine has in comparison to the SeeTec camera support.

All of this marks a pivotal moment in the VMS market evolution as two market heavyweights pull off the gloves and go head-to-head – even more so than in the past.