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      When you are exploring keyword through this software, there is a section in it to show the related questions. These are basically the questions that people are asking which are related to your input keyword or search query. All the tools that I have listed here can be used for finding related questions for your research or next blog post or video idea. All these websites offer a free plan that I think is sufficient for personal use. But if you need more number of searches then you will eventually have to go for the premium plan. Review gating”, and it’s normally done by sending customers a feedback or survey form — be it through email, SMS, landing pages, or social media. Based on their form responses, customers are then asked to either post a review on Google if they had a positive experience — or share details of their feedback privately if they had a negative experience. At BuzzSumo we have always been of the view that the best content answers customer questions. This is why our starting point for any content research is to understand the questions customers are asking. BuzzSumo’s new Question Analyzer is a fast and efficient way to search all the questions being asked about any topic across hundreds of thousands of forums and sites. Getting customers and prospects to respond to a survey can help you learn what they like about your business and what they don’t. The real challenge lies in getting your audience to respond to your survey. When sending users a survey email always remember to use a well thought out subject line. This one area will determine the success of your survey. If the subject is not catchy and doesn’t interest your customer – your survey is not going to get any responses. If you’re of the opinion asking fewer questions is better, then Net Promoter Score is the way to go. The ‘People Also Ask’ box is a Google SERP featurethat answers questions related to the user’s search query. Each answer comes from a web page, and Google provides a clickable link to the source below each one. Answer Featured Snippets is the parent of multiple answer formats. They are select search results that are given prominence within Google organic result pages, typically just below the ads at the top.

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