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      About the Game:
      Try to solve puzzles in 3D space. Poly Art. Attention to connoisseurs of good puzzle games: the best «Poly Art 3D» puzzles are now online!

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      Try to assemble a picture from three-dimensional puzzles with one touch. Just look from a different angle and be surprised! So, are you ready to test your brain? Play full screen. Welcome to «Poly Art»: play online for free, no download and no ads. Rotate the cloud of pieces until you complete the picture. Can you see the outlines on each level? Let’s find out and have some fun! Reasons to collect 3D puzzles online. The gameplay is meditative, helps to relax and concentrate. The simple game mechanics are intuitive, suitable for all ages. Like all online 3D puzzles, «Poly Art» develops spatial thinking for free. How to play. The goal of the «Poly Art 3D» puzzle game is to find a special place in space where the pieces of the mosaic merge into a whole object. Keeping the left mouse button pressed, move the image within 360 degrees in order to assemble the poly-puzzle in 3D by changing the viewing angle. The game does not require extreme precision. The puzzle is assembled if you achieve the correct outlines. Strategy game in 3D puzzles «Poly Art» The best way to collect pictures is to intuitively match the colors of the puzzle pieces. Although some objects are obvious, deciphering most of the pictures requires the use of the imagination. Combine fragments of the same color to understand exactly how the details fit together. If the answer seems very close, but the game stubbornly refuses to accept the answer, there is a sure way to solve it. Try to rotate the puzzle 180 degrees and match the colored pieces again.

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