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      Learn how do slot hacks happen and how random slots are. Slot RNG, PRNG & Randomness. Slots are random thanks to algorithms called pseudo-random number generators.

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      Learn how do slot hacks happen and how random slots are. Incredibly high payouts, bet multipliers, and rare progressive jackpots are sitting behind a random number generator (RNG) of a slot game . Are slots RNG designed to keep the house winning or is there a chance to beat it? Let us answer that question in this article. Please switch on your mathematical brain, as this is a huge part of randomness in slots. What Is a Slot’s Random Number Generator. RNG is a means to create a random result from a set of numbers. Dice are one of the classic RNG tools with a six-sided die giving you a result ranging from 1 to 6. Other ways to create random results are a deck of cards as well as a two-sided coin. How do slot machines incorporate random number generation (RNG) into their mechanism? It comes down to true or pseudo-random numbers . True RNG consists of vintage or mechanical slot machines while the latter makes up all digital or online slot games. True Random Number Generators. Imagine rolling a six-sided die and it lands on 3. Calculating the probability of the result will likely consider one of six sides to land on top, which means there is a 16% chance of us getting a three. In the real world, there are many factors involved when computing the probability of an actual dice’s result. Factors such as the wind direction, flatness of the surface, angle of throw, and much more come into mind when calculating the results. True random number generators take into account natural entropy or actual randomness” into the equation. Roulette is a good example of true number generators used in the gambling industry. As the ball spins around the wheel, the exposure of the ball to natural entropy such as the roughness of the material or ambient temperature of the room contributes to the results. Pseudo Random Number Generators. Unlike true RNG, pseudo RNG is not affected by natural entropy. To compensate for the lack of entropy and to simulate authentic randomness, PRNG results come from a short initial value going through a complex equation. Using the seed value or key, PRNG games create a random sequence that does not have any predictable patterns. While computer-generated seeds are efficient in producing random slot results, it is still not actual “randomness” since the algorithms are based on digital simulations. On the other hand, PRNG is a cost-efficient way for software providers and slot machine manufacturers to recreate authentic random results. How Do Slot RNG Work. With the two different RNG method, how does this apply to slots games? What computations go on behind the computer screen or cabinet each time you click or press the spin button? Seed. Seeds or keys determine the digital random slots result and are the base value of PRNG algorithms. When you spin the reels, the slot machine generator uses a seed in a long complex equation to determine which symbols will appear on the pay lines. Take note that despite the complex equations, every slot seed number creates the same results. Programmers and developers require every seed to generate its respective result to find and fix/debug errors in the program. On the other hand, one seed can generate more than one random result to simulate natural entropy. With randomness in mind, how does the slot machine RNG algorithm picks its seed? A common factor is the system clock among PRNG algorithms to generate a seed. While there are other ways for a PRNG among slot machine algorithm to select is a seed, it is set in a way that creates unpredictable results. Entropy. Actual randomness or entropy allows for authentic results. Incorporating entropy ensure every spin gives you a real probability of matching five high-paying symbols or clearing the jackpot condition. Expanding on the answer as to where the seed for the PRNG sequence comes from, programs use “simulated entropy” to create a random key for the algorithm. Apart from the system clock, sources of entropy include mouse movement, clicks, and keystroke rates. Entropy is required when it comes to using PRNG for security since predictable algorithms can open the door to illegal exploits. While online slots do not have access to physical hardware to create results with natural entropy, programs can utilize cryptographic hash functions to generate unpredictable results such as SHA-1 or MD6. In the case of slot software providers, their methods on how they create their random numbers are confidential from anyone. Physical Generation Methods. An easier way of explaining the physical generation of random numbers is to imagine a dice roll or coin flip . Natural entropy and manual exertion have a hand over the results of this method. Classic or vintage slot machines use this method by having a braking mechanism on their reels. Incorporating natural entropy to slot RNG is not yet possible until the creation of quantum computing. Instead, the algorithm looks for factors creating unpredictable results based on quantum mechanics laws. Some of the occurring entropy within computer hardware includes radioactive decay, shot noise, and thermal noise, which can be used to create random results. One notable example of a program using physical generation method is, which uses atmospheric noise to create random results. The closest way for online slots to achieve natural entropy is to use cryptographic hash functions. While it is not close to using quantum mechanics laws, this method can closely recreate physical generation methods result. Computational Generation Methods. Online slots use computer-generated results to determine the payout results of each spin. PRNG is the common computer generation method used by gambling games that creates unpredictable results with a seed or base value. An example of simulated randomness can even be achieved on paper through the middle square method from John von Neumann. For computer languages such as PHP, Python, and Ruby, its common way to generate results is the PRNG method of Mersenne Twister that can create “statistical” randomness. When it comes to slots, more complicated and long equations are needed for its computation generation algorithm. Slots use a method to create random number sequences instead of just random numbers. With a sequential number results translation on the symbols, every reel combination has the percentage of hitting the pay line. PRNG with a random number sequence used for slot games can be tested with the Chi-Squared Test. If the PRNG calculation is well within the Goodness of Fit parameters, the algorithm can generate unpredictable results. How to Beat a Slot RNG. Forget the movies, there is no slot machine RNG crack or exploit. Nearly every online slot PRNG on all popular casinos has an unpredictable pattern . Players cannot influence the seed or results by setting a specific bet amount or hitting the spin/auto spin button in a certain sequence. With that in mind, are slot RNG rigged for the house to win? Is it possible to beat random number generators in slot machines? How to beat a slot PRNG. Slot RNG Timing. System clocks are the most common source of seeds or keys among slot PRNG algorithms. Every seed will always create the same sequence of numbers or a symbol showing on a pay line in each reel. With RNG timing in mind, can people find a pattern and take advantage of it? Surprisingly, RNG attackers found a way to see this pattern on physical slot machines. RNG timing attackers will capture a video clip of the slot and transmit it to a phone app, which tabulates the times and sequence of the slot. With the information on the sequence at hand, cheaters can hit the spin button when the seed is set for a massive payout.

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