Dahua Technology Releases FACT Series Face Recognition Access Control Terminal

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    • linda

      Face Recognition Access Control Terminal is a type of access control system Miami with extremely accurate recognition speed, high storage capability, and fast recognition, that integrates high-level face recognition technologies and low-level infrared heat detection technologies. With the advent of digital technology, improved recognition speed enables faster processing of data, enabling quicker identification of individuals and less time taking in authentication checks. The time taken to identify a person can be as low as a second in some cases, where a thumb impression would have to be made on the glass for it to be deemed as authentic. This time difference results in a large cost savings when compared to traditional methods. A traditional lock requires opening the door and making the individual present their identity; an RFID lock only requires making contact with the reader and opens the door.

      With the implementation of facial recognition software, the entire process is automated, which eliminates human errors such as misidentification, inaccurate recognition, or failure to recognize individuals. This automation is achieved through the use of a device called a face recognition access control terminal (AFAC). With the advances in technology, the size of these devices is miniaturized to fit into the space available in office buildings and other such places, and the accuracy of facial recognition is such that only the most complex facial features such as eyes and hair can be detected and registered. The machine then checks whether the person’s facial features match those in the database and, if so, allows access to the person.

      Another advancement is the use of low-level infrared temperature sensors that allow access to premises using body heat signatures. The infrared light is emitted from the body and does not need direct contact with the skin to register. Traditional access control systems require the user to place their finger on a computer terminal to identify an individual and then touch a sensor, causing the computer to emit an electric signal against that individual’s body heat signature and read the presence of the user. In this way, it was possible for even the most timid employees to be identified and barred from the premises.

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