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      About the Game:
      See all the best ways overall to get in contact with Dating, Meet Curvy – WooPlus ASAP. + Dating, Meet Curvy – WooPlus phone number
      Contact Dating Meet Curvy Support. About: WooPlus, the largest BBW dating and chat app, plays the cupid for plus size singles and people who admire curvy singles.

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      As one of the best BBW dating sites, WooPlus helps those who appreciate plus size ladies to meet and date local chubby singles. How to Contact Dating Meet Curvy Customer Service/Support. Dating, Meet Curvy – WooPlus Contact Information Listed below are our top recommendations on how to get in contact with Dating, Meet Curvy – WooPlus. We make eduacted guesses on the direct pages on their website to visit to get help with issues/problems like using their site/app, billings, pricing, usage, integrations and other issues. You can try any of the methods below to contact Dating, Meet Curvy – WooPlus. Discover which options are the fastest to get your customer service issues resolved.. The following contact options are available: Pricing Information, Support, General Help, and Press Information/New Coverage (to guage reputation). NOTE: If the links below doesn’t work for you, Please go directly to the Homepage of DATING OASIS LIMITED. 38.71% Contact Match Developer: WooPlus Dating for Curvy People E-Mail: [email protected] Website: Visit Dating Meet Curvy Website. Privacy & Terms: Reported Issues: 11 Comments. 4.4 out of 5. By Nick 11 months ago. The app is wanting me to put a video of my self on there but I don’t want too and it won’t let me skip how can I use the app without putting a video of myself up there. By Raphael 1 year ago. Hi I’ve been trying to contact your team at wooplus but everytime I’ve tried to email it has denied the email sending My issue is I’ve recently logged out of my account via facebook and now unable to login I realise Facebook users have this issue can you please help me with the problem or recover my account via facebook login Thankyou. By Angie Argyros 1 year ago. I need help logging back into my account. I have tried about 15 times over the past 24 hours to get a code emailed to me and it never arrives. This is ridiculous! By Peter 2 years ago. So hard to cancel subscription and still haven’t can’t get through to them . Can anybody help please . By Charles Mallory 2 years ago. Need to cancel subscription asap. By Joshua J Roark 2 years ago. I’m a good looking guy and I have not got one like so I want a refund. By Tim Holladay 2 years ago. I am trying to get in contact so that I may cancel my subscription and get a refund. I got charged today and would like to cancel and get a refund please. By correne killian 2 years ago. I need identify fraud and money fraud they your dating app. The person is using a military persons identity but is from africa. He got me good. By gigilolla. Glitchy app, terrible support. I liked the matching and messaging aspects of this app. I also liked that you could not see when others were last online and that it doesn’t link with Facebook, However, it is SUPER glitchy. I had the app for 6 months and was unable to send or reply to any messages for 2.5 of those months—during which which I was paying for a premium subscription. I would get a notification of a message, but the messaging app wouldn’t work, so I couldn’t see what the message actually said. I uninstalled and re-installed the app several times to no avail. Customer service is beyond slow and makes you feel like you’re the one that caused all the glitches in the design of their app. There is also a good chance they wont even respond to your email (I had to send multiple emails just to get a response). After everything was said and done the only compensation offered was 100 coins (which honestly was so stupid because I was paying for a premium subscription—what did I need coins for?) What should have been offered was two additional months for free. Plus, throughout all of this, never once did they acknowledge the actual problem, only that they would “look into it.” I took off four stars for the glitchy app, and the terrible and unprofessional customer support. An app is no good if it doesn’t work, and after reading others reviews, it doesn’t sound like they’ve fixed a thing. By Blaz3 B. Just ugh. So here’s the thing, I’ve had this app for a day. In that time, my location was showing Canada even after allowing the app to view my location. So I was seeing people in Canada. The other issue is the cost, understanding the need to charge people but you literally can’t do a thing unless you’re paying for premium. The issue with paying for this app is the lack of effort they require from people when it comes to their profiles. Very limited space to write about yourself. Vague questions, lack of personal questions and this leaves people to not even try, which then lets me know these men are here for a hook up because they think all fat women are easy. If that’s the standard and expectation I can use another app for free to yield the exact same results. So why would a pay for this? Especially at nearly $20 just for a month, even just to try VIP that’s way too expensive for what little is offered. I’m sure there are other features unlocked with premium, however this app is not worth that premium price point. Overall I’m bored with this app, and even more nervous using an app aimed at people with my body type than I am using a mainstream app. This lack of consideration and thought when developing this app could potentially be dangerous and damaging to its patrons. It’s unfortunate because they were on the right track but this is terrible. By darlyn_angel. Not What I Expected. I wanted to give this app a shot. Sometimes plus size women are not well received on other dating sites and apps so I expected more body positivity here from guys who prefer plus size women. During some of the posts from site admin not to mention the messages you get from people, I learned otherwise. Ladies be prepared to be harassed for pictures no matter how many you have on your profile. Be prepared to be called names if you turn down someone’s advances. Just be prepared. The men on this app think that because you are BBW, plus size, thick, SSBBW (however you so choose to identify) that you are desperate and easy. You’ll have better luck finding a respectful guy on a mainstream site, church, the grocery store, who knows! Anywhere but here unfortunately. Profiles aren’t monitored as there were men who had a pic, but the lower half of their face was cut off and a rare few actually took the time to complete the profile to tell you a little about themselves. Then there are the people from other countries, pretending to be someone else (particularly stating they are in the army, marines, stationed elsewhere etc.) They have stolen pics of someone to create a profile. You figure this out by their perfect English profile, but non perfect, badly translated English conversation with you. so just a heads up before you decide to try it out.

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