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      About the Game:
      The players really enjoy it and ask me often to play longer when… Dead Space Campaign (With Silent Hill influences) (1 Viewer) I am currently doing a D&D Modern campaign based on Dead Space (and a bit of Silent Hill). The players really enjoy it and ask me often to play longer when it’s time to end a session.

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      I allowed alien races. You might also like to DM this campaign or get ideas from it. Stats for monsters and NPCs will be in another document. I will also find a way to include the maps I drew. I recommend the player being at least level 4. Words in () are secret and for the DM only. You are all people with specified, skill-based jobs. The most elite of what you do, hand selected by a secret organization to work for them. You are being paid one million dollars…a week for your services. There are, however, certain protocol that must be followed at all times. Must remain on task at all times. Absolutely no leaving the designated work place. No talking to anyone outside of your group. And No questions. No exceptions. Failure to follow any of the protocol will result in removal from the jobsite immediately. You will be observed by a representative of the company at all times. (Truth: The representative is there to kill you if you learn anything.) The players begin in a waiting room. They roleplay to get to know each other. There are also other NPC to interact with here. Most importantly, one by the name of Heather Mason. She looks frail, weak, pale and very scared. She is shy and reclusive when talked to. If a player can improve her mood through diplomacy, she will admit that she can’t sleep lately due to nightmares. When the player seems satisfied about getting to meet each other, the doors slam open. Representative: (She is a devout Unitologist. She makes a lot of remarks to the workers and tries to press her views upon them. Her personality is very professional with an undertone of sadism and high-and-mighty syndrome.) You see a 30 year old woman walk into the room. She is short, petite, and mousy. She is dressed very professionally, wearing glasses, and toting a clipboard, that she keeps close to her and blocked at all times. She looks you over in through examination, like a new purchase. “(Scrutinizing) You must be the new servicemen. You will address me as Ms. Meylinda. I am a representative of your employers. I will be closely observing you from now until the end of your employment. (Makes it sound like nothing) This is to make sure you are keeping on task and putting your best into your work. You’re to follow me the shuttles. Refrain from looking into any open doors or windows. (Fake niceness with menacing undertone) With your complete cooperation and perfect compliance to protocol, we should have a wonderful and rewarding stay.” (Secret: She has security at her disposal at all times to break in when she needs back up.) The Tunnel to the Shuttles: There are many open and inviting doors with intriguing sounds coming from inside. Flashy things in the windows vie for your investigation. Out of tiny sneak glances from your eyes you see: (Based on rolls for investigation/notice) DC 10 A large group of scientists talking deeply about something. One notices your glance and alerts the others. They glare and slam the door. Listen DC 30. Convergence is neigh. Altman be praised. Knowledge Religion/Philosophy DC 35: Convergence is also known as the “Great Awakening.” It is the joining of all people into one mind and one purpose. Michael Altman is written in history as the founder of Unitology. DC 20 Through a window there are many blueprints for some sort of construction project. They are too far away to make out and blurry at this distance. Spot DC 25: You manage to see what appears to be two tall structures wrapped around each other. DC 30 In a slightly opened door, there are rows of empty glass containers filling the room, big enough to hold an adult human. The Shuttle Room: You enter a very large room made of metal sheets and huge rivets. It is five stories high with shelves of space shuttles, the size of planes. The shuttles are round and curvy with only a window for the pilot. One of these shuttles is parked at the exit shaft, with its heavy passenger door wide open. Meylinda: “Move hastily. There is nothing to see here. Sit down immediately and strap in all safety harnesses. The pilot’s chamber is strictly off limits.” Meylina sits down in the only chair next to the pilot’s chamber and watches you all shrewdly. There are no windows in the passenger’s chamber. If you try to look: “The area you are being located to is highly restricted and sensitive. It is off limits to all non-approved personnel. We can’t have just anyone wandering in, so we cannot allow you to know its location.” Search 10: find a Unitology brochure. Are you searching? For answers? For hope? For a purpose? The Church of Unitology is here for you. To provide all that you need. There is a chart of meeting days and times. Below is a map to the Church sanctuary in the welcome center. She offers to put on a movie if they are too nosy. Seek Peace. Seek Understanding. Seek Life. (scrolling images of nature with soft dissolves. Unitology…We are all one. Live a full and enlightened life. (See happy attractive people) (If aggression is used: She will tranquilize them with a small hand pistol. It will last the remainder of the trip. If she is killed, they may attempt to commandeer the ship. However, when they arrive there are alarms going off and they are surrounded by security. Their representative is replaced by an even worse one. (Sheylinda) Plus -2 to all diplomacy and bluff checks for all players.) Arrival: You fly into the decompression chamber and into the landing and loading chamber. Meylinda: “You may now take a few moments to relax in our welcome dock before you begin your duties. Return here when you wish to proceed into the Sprawl.” There is a gift shop, filled with Unitology related gifts. Lots of Unitology posters everywhere, positive asymmetry and propaganda. A church sanctuary with a very friendly Unitologist priest. He will attempt to convert the players when talked to. A cafeteria selling freeze-dried and powdered food. An artificial park with holographic plants. Search DC 15. There is blood rune writing under a bench. If the player alerts a security guard, they will quickly wash the blood and nothing else. A zero gravity basketball court. There is a power node in a locker search DC 15. There are locked double door with five security guards blocking it. They should be three levels above the players and the security guards should outnumber them. When the players return to Meylinda, she gives a Warning: “There is a life-threatening situation I must warn you about… The former nurse, Justina Sheldon, escaped the death penalty she deserves and is loose in the station. She lost her sanity and killed her whole medical team in a mindless rampage. She is hostile and extremely dangerous. If you find out anything or locate her, please alert Security. If she attempts to approach you, shoot to kill.” Meylinda passes out helmets to you all. They have a very narrow slit for the eyes and blinders on the sides. Meylinda: “Put these on. You will only look directly ahead. Follow me to your designated work station. Move swiftly.” The players are split up into individual rooms depending on their jobs. These are intern training rooms and each has an instructor to test them and record their abilities to determine placement. The players are not supposed to leave so must either move silently or use diplomacy or force to leave. There are security guards patrolling the hallways between rooms that will attempt to bring them back if they catch them.

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