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      About the Game:
      Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D MOD APK v1.30 (Unlimited Money) Fans of the epic flight simulator gameplay in RFS: Real Flight Simulator will definitely find themselves impressed by this amazing new game from AXgamesoft, as it introduces you to one of the most authentic and realistic flight simulation experiences ever. Feel free to get on many different aircraft with different controls and mechanics to enjoy amazing life-like experiences from the game. Unlock multiple flying challenges and quests with your actual planes.

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      Learn to work with the accurate control and handling options. Have fun with immersive flying mechanics and realistic environments. All of which should allow you to enjoy the awesome mobile title of Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D to the fullest. Find out more about this interesting game of Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D with our in-depth reviews. Story/Gameplay. The game is a realistic 3D airplane simulator for Android gamers who are interested in the actual and life-like pilot experiences. Enjoy the awesome gameplay as you engage yourself in awesome flights with your selected airplanes. Have fun with powerful and amazing 3D graphics, along with realistic environments that will make the in-game experiences absolutely amazing. Here in the game, gamers are allowed to accurately control their planes like a true pilot. Learn to work in multiple control aspects of the selected aircraft so you can comfortably soar above the skies. Unlock many interesting in-game elements and have fun with interesting flying missions. Also enjoy realistic driving simulation with your ground vehicles. And always in for new adventures with the added flying vessels in the game, which will provide the most complete experiences. Features. Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer: Different pilot versions to experience. For those of you who are interested, you can now immerse yourself in this amazing gameplay of flight simulation, with different pilot versions to enjoy. Have fun with the tactical cargo transporting experiences. Become a coastguard or work in spec-ops missions. Each version of gameplay will deliver unique experiences that you’ll certainly find interesting. Learn to fly with immersive training missions. Here in Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D, gamers will have their chances to truly learn how to fly with immersive training missions. Have fun getting on the selected plans and get ready to explore the basics of flying, takeoff, and landing. Not to mention that the game even allows you to get on the taxi to truly simulate the entire transportation process. Have fun completing many in-game missions and collect your special in-game rewards, while also learning everything you need from the art of flying. Freely explore and interact with the interior. To make the game more interesting, Android gamers can now freely interact themselves with the realistic and immersive interiors in Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D. Here, different vehicles will have its own unique and realistic designs, which will make you completely hooked to the gameplay. Not to mention that the exciting interaction with various items like doors, cargo ramps, lights, and strobes will certainly make the game more realistic and enjoyable. Enjoy driving ground vehicles. Along with the flying gameplay, Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D also provides realistic driving experiences, as you learn to work with the ground vehicles. Have fun immersing yourself in awesome driving experiences in the game, as they allow you to actually learn the art of taxiing. Pick up the customers and transport them to the airports. Take on your cargo plane jobs. Plus, to make the simulation gameplay more realistic, the game also introduces realistic cargo plane jobs, which will allow you to have fun with the game. Here, you can experience the loading and unloading of goods into the cargo planes, as the game completely simulates life-like jobs. Realistically simulated takeoffs with improvised elements. At the same time, feel free to have fun with the exciting gameplay of Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D, as it provides many realistically simulated takeoff experiences with dynamic elements. Here, the game will provide many improvised runways and non-standard situations, which force you to perform your landings and takeoffs in different fashions. Freely flight in your own directions. And in the free-flight mode, Android gamers can comfortably explore the skies with their liberated gameplay. Feel free to choose your own routes and enjoy the awesome flights whenever you want to. Customize the gameplay and in-game elements to have fun with your awesome flights in Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D. Exciting time-of-day settings. For those of you who are interested, the realistic time-of-day system will provide multiple settings to make your flying gameplay a lot more immersive. Feel free to select the preferred time of the day that you wish to fly in the sky or drive in your taxi. Your choices will provide certain chances and unique effects to the in-game environments. Thus, making the gameplay more engaging. Realistic physics to make the game more enjoyable. At the same time, the realistic in-game physics will also enable engaging and realistic movements with your vehicles, both when flying and driving. Experience incredible flying experiences as you take off, landing, or running into stormy areas. The accurate physics will truly simulate the experiences and allow you to have most fun with the game. Engaging and customizable control options. To make sure that Android gamers in Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D can have fun with their flying and driving gameplay, Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D provides its complete pilot controls, which will allow you to access many available handling options inside the cockpit. Find yourself working with the rudder, flaps, thrust reversers, auto-brakes, and many others. All of which should allow you to have the most fun with the game. Different camera settings for better views. To make the flying simulations more engaging, you can now customize your perspectives in the game with multiple camera views. Choose to stay inside your cockpit and look outside as both the captain and copilot. Or watch the plane and the surrounding sceneries with your third-person view. Choose whichever of them that make you most comfortable and enjoy your awesome flights. Realistic aircraft damage system. And to make the game more interesting, you can learn to work with the realistic aircraft damage system, which provide actual damage as you operate the planes on the sky. Experience from the simplest damages to severe destructions whilst flying and learn the hard way to deal with your problems. Clipping wing tips, tail separation, fuel leakage, and many other damages. Gamers in Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D will certainly enjoy your realistic and engaging flights. Interesting island with available airports. Along the way, the game will provide several islands that you can make your landing along the way and get your supplies. And at the same time, also enjoy incredible beauties of nature whenever you make your stops at the middle of the ocean. Choose your preferred measurement units. For better in-game experiences, gamers in Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D can also choose their preferred measurement units depending on their certain preferences. Feel free to choose the right metric systems for your air speed, flying altitude, and distance. All of which will make the game a lot more exciting. Have fun with the offline flights whenever you are ready.

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