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      About the Game:
      Best Doodle God, Doodle Evil, Doodle Farm, and Doodle Creatures Cheat Guides. Doodle God Answers Element Groups Quest Solution Puzzle Solution Artifact Solution Combo Search
      Doodle Combo Guides. Best Doodle God, Doodle Evil, Doodle Farm, and Doodle Creatures Cheat Guides.

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      Doodle God Answers Element Groups Quest Solution Puzzle Solution Artifact Solution Combo Search Table Demon Guide Puzzles Solution Quest Walkthrough Combo Search Table Quest Walkthrough Genes Look Up Table Puzzle Solutions Doodle Tank USSR Doodle Tank Germany Element Category Chart. Home→ Complete Combo Guide | Doodle Alchemy. Complete Combo Guide | Doodle Alchemy. Doodle Alchemy is newest “combination” alchemy game by BYRIL. Each element is a combination of two elements except for four base elements given at the beginning of the game: Air, Land, Fire, Water. We have provided you with a complete list of combinations to help you quickly past the game. We have the complete 336 elements. The list below shows the element followed by its category in parenthesis and the two combination elements. You can also check out our Complete Element Category Chart to view Elements by Categories. Please let us know if any of the Doodle Alchemy combinations do not work for you! Have fun to beat the game easily with our full combo cheat sheet! Acid (Science) Air (Element) Alcohol (Liquid) Ale (Liquid) Algae (Organism) Aluminum (Science) Ambulance (Machine) America (Country) Ammonites (Organism) Animal (Animal 1) Ants (Organism) Aquarium (Invention) Arable Land (Invention) Arthropoda (Organism) Ashes (Man-Made Element) Atomic Bomb (Invention) Australia (Country) Bacon (Food) Bacteria (Organism) Bamboo (Plant) Banana (Plant) Bat (Animal 2) Bear (Animal 1) Beaver (Animal 2) Bee (Animal 1) Beer (Liquid) Beet (Plant) Beetle (Animal 1) Belarus (Country) Berry (Plant) Bicycle (Machine) Bird (Animal 1) Blood (Man-Made Element) Boat (Machine) Bomb (Invention) Book (Invention) Borscht (Food) Bread (Food) Brick (Man-Made Element) Brick House (Invention) Brilliant (Science) Bulb (Invention) Bush (Plant) Butterfly (Animal 1) Cactus (Plant) Camel (Animal 1) Canada (Country) Cane (Plant) Caramel (Food) Carbon (Science) Carbon Dioxide (Science) Carmine (Man-Made Element) Cart (Machine) Cast Iron (Science) Cat (Animal 2) Catdog (Animal 2) Cavier (Organism) Cells (Organism) Cement (Man-Made Element) Cephalopoda (Organism) Ceramic (Man-Made Element) Champagne (Liquid) Chariot (Machine) Cheese (Food) Chicken (Animal 1) China (Country) Chocolate (Food) Christmas Tree (Plant) Cigarettes (Food) City (Invention) Clams (Organism) Clay (Nature) Clothing (Invention) Cloud (Nature) Coal (Man-Made Element) Coca-Cola (Liquid) Cochineal (Organism) Cocktail (Liquid) Cocoa (Plant) Coin (Element) Cold (Element) Colibri (Animal 2) Columbus (Man) Concrete (Man-Made Element) Continent (Country) Corpse (Man) Country (Country) Curd (Food) Dam (Invention) Desert (Nature) Diamond (Science) Dinosaur (Animal 1) Dirt (Nature) Doctor (Man) Dog (Animal 2) Dough (Food) Dragon (Animal 1) Dragonfly (Organism) Dust (Nature) Egg (Animal 1) Eggs (Food) Egypt (Country) Electric Eel (Animal 2) Electricity (Man-Made Element) Elephant (Animal 2) Energy (Element) Explosion (Element) Fabric (Man-Made Element) Fat (Man-Made Element) Fern (Plant) Finland (Country) Fire (Element) Firearm (Invention) Firefighter (Man) Firefly (Animal 2) Fish (Animal 1) Fisherman (Man) Flax (Plant) Flour (Food) Flower (Plant) Flu (Organism) Forest (Nature) France (Country) Frog (Animal 1) Fruit (Plant) Fugue (Animal 2) Gasoline (Man-Made Element) Germany (Country) Geyser (Nature) Ghost (Man) Gladiator (Man) Glass (Man-Made Element) Gold (Science) Grapes (Plant) Grass (Plant) Great Britain (Country) Greenland (Country) Grief (Animal 2) Grilled Chicken (Food) Gunpowder (Science) Hero (Man) Honey (Food) Hospital (Invention) Hourglass (Element) Hunter (Man) Hut (Invention) Hydrogen (Science) Hydroplane (Machine) Ice (Element) Iceland (Country) Idea (Element) India (Country) Insects (Organism) Iodine (Science) Italy (Country) Japan (Country) Jellyfish (Organism) Juice (Liquid) Kama Sutra (Invention) Kangaroo (Animal 1) Kefir (Liquid) Killer (Man) Lake (Nature) Land (Element) Lava (Nature) Lawnmower (Machine) Leech (Animal 2) Liana (Plant) Library (Invention) Lichen (Organism) Life (Element) Light (Element) Limestone (Man-Made Element) Liquor (Liquid) Livestock (Animal 1) Lizard (Animal 1) Lobster (Animal 2) Locomotive (Machine) Machine (Machine) Magnet (Science) Man (Man) Manure (Man-Made Element) Meat (Food) Medicine (Man-Made Element) Metal (Science) Mexico (Country) Milk (Liquid) Money (Element) Monkey (Animal 1) Moon (Nature) Moonshine (Liquid) Moss (Plant) Motor (Machine) Motorboat (Machine) Motorcycle (Machine) Mould (Organism) Mouse (Animal 2) Mummy (Man) Mushroom (Plant) Music (Element) Mussels (Organism) Ocean (Nature) Octopus (Organism) Oil (Man-Made Element) Oxygen (Science) Oxyhydrogen (Science) Ozon (Science) Palm (Plant) Panda (Animal 2) Paper (Man-Made Element) Parrot (Animal 2) Pearls (Science) Peas (Food) Peat (Plant) Pen (Science) Penguin (Animal 2) Penicillin (Man-Made Element) Perfume (Invention) Philosopher (Man) Philosophers Stone (Element) Phoenix (Animal 1) Pig (Animal 1) Pilot (Man) Pina Colada (Liquid) Pirate (Man) Pizza (Food) Plane (Machine) Planet (Element) Plankton (Organism) Poison (Liquid) Poisoned Weapon (Invention) Potatoes (Food) Pressure (Element) Pterodactyl (Animal 2) Radiation (Man-Made Element) Rainbow (Nature) Reed (Plant) Rice (Food) Robin Hood (Man) Robot (Invention) Romania (Country) Rum (Liquid) Russia (Country) Sailboat (Machine) Sailing Boat (Machine) Salamander (Animal 2) Salo (Food) Salt (Science) Salt Water (Liquid) Saltpetre (Science) Sand (Nature) Sandwich (Food) Saudi Arabia (Country) Sauna (Invention) Scarab (Animal 2) Scientist (Man) Scorpion (Animal 1) Sea (Nature) Seed (Plant) Sex (Man) Shaman (Man) Shell (Nature) Ship (Machine) Shuttlecraft (Machine) Sick (Man) Silicon (Science) Silver (Science) Sky (Nature) Skyscraper (Invention) Sledding (Machine) Slugs (Organism) Smoke (Man-Made Element) Snail (Animal 2) Snake (Animal 1) Soda (Liquid) Sound (Element) Space (Element) Spider (Organism) Star (Element) Starfish (Organism) Steam (Element) Steam Boiler (Machine) Steam Engine (Machine) Stingray (Animal 2) Stone (Nature) Storm (Nature) Submarine (Machine) Sugar (Food) Sulphur (Science) Sun (Element) Sunflower (Plant) Sunflower Oil (Liquid) Sushi (Food) Swamp (Nature) Sweet Water (Liquid) Switzerland (Country) Tea (Liquid) Tequila (Liquid) Termites (Organism) Thunder (Nature) Tick (Organism) Time (Element) Toast (Food) Tobbaco (Plant) Tool (Invention) Tractor (Machine) Transylvania (Country) Tree (Nature) Tree Grove (Nature) Turtle (Animal 1) Ukraine (Country) Uranus (Science) Vampire (Man) Vinegar (Liquid) Vodka (Liquid) Volcano (Nature) Volkswagen Beetle (Machine) Warrior (Man) Watch (Invention) Water (Element) Weapon (Invention) Whale (Animal 1) Wheat (Food) Wheel (Invention) Whiskey (Liquid) Wind (Nature) Wine (Liquid) Wino (Man) Wolf (Animal 2) Wood (Man-Made Element) Wooden Ship (Machine) Woodpecker (Animal 2) Wool (Man-Made Element) Worm (Animal 1) Yeast (Man-Made Element) Zombie (Man) Comments. Complete Combo Guide | Doodle Alchemy — 94 Comments. fotis on September 27, 2014 at 12:26 pm said: many mistkes like zombie,killer… dinirah on February 13, 2016 at 8:00 am said: Can someone help me?? O-o what is the combination for wool? Is it livestock + man or livestock + tool?? Help me please… and someone please… update the list tq very much. Anonymous on February 18, 2016 at 5:21 pm said: I can’t get dog because I can’t get wolf cloud plus animal is not the combination. Anonymous on March 5, 2017 at 4:44 pm said: Try animal and moon. Ej on December 30, 2016 at 9:06 pm said: Tool plus livestock.

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