Camden Introduces A New Electromechanical Cabinet Lock

Camden Door Controls is to introduce to market the CX-ED0010 Electromechanical Cabinet Lock. Representative of the impressive technological evolution in secure locking systems, it is designed for a variety of enclosures that use swinging doors, drawers, and sliding doors. This lock introduces the flexibility of operating in either field selectable fail-safe or fail-secure modes and supports both 12V and 24V power supplies.

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Napco Access Pro Unveils CA4K v1.2: The Definitive Security Management Platform

NAPCO Access announce the release of its latest enterprise security management platform, CA4K v1.2. This scalable new platform simplifies and enhances security, access control, and video through seamless integration with our top-rated wireless access locks by Alarm Lock, Continental Controllers, and an expanding roster of technology partners specializing in intercoms, biometrics, video, and visitor management.

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HID Partners with Inner Range to Bring Customers Wallet-Enabled Readers

HID announced an extended partnership with its trusted partner Inner Range, a global provider of integrated access control systems and solutions, to offer Inner Range customers a new range of SIFER credential compatible with wallet-enabled readers, based on HID’s signature line of access control readers, HID Signo®.

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PNU Researchers Propose Backscatter Communication Technique for Low-Power Internet of Things Communication

Wireless communication between devices is increasingly important for applications such as smart homes, wearable technology, and industrial automation. For widespread adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, researchers from Pusan National University have designed a low-power backscatter communication system.

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IDIS Americas Introduces Innovative I-Mobile Transit Video Security Solution

IDIS Americas announces the launch of its new I-Mobile System, ushering in a new era of advanced transit video surveillance. The new solution delivers high-performance 4K video resolution, ease of scalability and a highly intuitive user interface, providing high performance mobile security to businesses that operate transit and fleet companies.

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London Heathrow Transforms Airport Operations with Genetec

Genetec announced that Heathrow Airport’s multi-year investment in Genetec solutions is enabling them to continuously innovate and transform operations. The joint effort provides Heathrow with a unified view across large-scale airport operations to secure people and assets, bringing efficiency and enhancing the passenger experience while ensuring data privacy and cybersecurity compliance.

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State of Physical Access Control 2024 Report from HID – Five Top Technology Trends

HID Global

HID announces the 2024 State of Physical Access Control Report, identifying five key trends that are shaping the future of access control. Produced by IFSEC Global in partnership with HID, the report surveyed over 1,200 security professionals across the globe to paint a picture of an industry that has been going through considerable transformation.

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Doordeck Joins PSIA Board

Doordeck has joined the Board of the PSIA. The company has an innovative product that enables smartphone NFC keyless entry for buildings, regardless of which access control system is installed. The company, based in London, England, was established in 2015, and its products and services have been integrated in buildings throughout the world. It is a subsidiary of Sentry Interactive of Austin, Texas.

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Secure Logiq Announces Two Key Promotions

Secure Logiq announce the promotions of two outstanding team members, Ben Pavesi and Ben Yoxall. Ben Pavesi has been promoted to the role of Business Improvement Manager. Since joining Secure Logiq in April 2021 as a Production Engineer, Ben has gained valuable insights into company operations, identifying areas for improvement and contributing significantly to the company’s success.

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Evolon Insites 2.0 Revolutionizes Security with Proactive Capabilities

Evolon’s proactive video monitoring.

Evolon Technology announced the availability of Insites 2.0, the latest major release of its proactive video surveillance and monitoring platform. Packed with powerful features and enhancements, Insites 2.0 offers unprecedented capabilities for mobile applications, web platforms, and edge plugins, while introducing groundbreaking advancements in AI-driven security measures that propel a more proactive approach to risk management and safety.

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Comcast Smart Solutions Teams Up with Eagle Eye Networks and C2RO to Provide AI Video Analytics Solutions to Customers

Comcast Smart Solutions announced expanded strategic relationships with Eagle Eye Networks, a global leader in cloud video surveillance with AI and analytics, and C2RO, a leader in Privacy-Aware AI-powered video analytics software, to provide customers with a new, broader set of AI video analytics solutions. This collaboration expands Comcast Smart Solutions’ existing Video Analytics expertise while giving clients more flexibility to choose the right smart video solution.

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New State of Physical Access Control Report from HID

HID announces the 2024 State of Physical Access Control Report, identifying five key trends that are shaping the future of access control. Produced by IFSEC Global in partnership with HID, the report surveyed over 1,200 security professionals across the globe to paint a picture of an industry that has been going through considerable transformations. Conducted between November 2023 and January 2024,

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How Video Surveillance Standards Has Revolutionized Security

Video surveillance technology has seen a significant development in the last fifteen years. The days of clunky, compartmentalized systems and blurry, analog footage are long gone. A strong ecosystem of standards has brought in a new era of feature-rich, effective, and interoperable video surveillance systems. The focus of this article is to examine some of the fundamental guidelines that have transformed this important area of security.

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The Vital Role of Building Your Team When Buying or Selling a Security Business

Kelly Bond

In the fast pace of security business transactions, ensuring you have a team of experts as advisors cannot be overstated. Whether you are buying or selling a business, navigating the acquisition process requires specialized knowledge and experience. A team of experts brings together diverse skills and insights, ensuring that a transaction is not only successful but also maximizes value and minimizes risks.

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Standing Outside the Fire

Marcus Haney, AllegiantVETS

I want to share a personal story about my journey growing up in a family deeply rooted in the security industry to finding my path as a Marine on the frontlines and now as the CEO of AllegiantVETS. This journey has been defined by a sense of duty, resilience, and the drive to carve out my destiny. It’s about not standing outside the fire but stepping into it and embracing challenges head-on. This Fourth of July, as we celebrate our nation’s independence, I’m reminded of why I never stand outside the fire.

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Customer Service’s Role in Alarm System Sales

In the alarm industry, where value is inherently linked to reliability and trust, customer service is a pivotal factor driving sales, retention, and referrals. As customers navigate the complexities of choosing an alarm system that ensures their safety and peace of mind, the quality of customer service they receive can significantly influence their purchasing decisions and long-term loyalty.

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Son of a Salesman

By: Jake Voll, President

For a lot of us who have made the jump to starting our own business, there’s a foundation of knowledge that came from those who mentored us before our journey began. When reflecting my own journey in the alarm industry, it’s abundantly clear that my foundation is my father. I’m the proud son of an alarm salesman.

My dad sold alarm systems door to door, and he sold a lot of them. Aside from being a very personable guy, Dad knocked on more doors, walked into more papered storefronts, and chased more U-Hauls than anyone else I know. He hustled hard and he built lasting relationships along the way. It was not only a recipe for success, but also an example of s stick-to-itiveness for me and my siblings to follow. As kids, we would sometimes watch from the backseat as Dad “walked up deals” whenever a new family or business moved into the neighborhood. He’d walk right up and introduce himself, and would always smile and listen along with caring, thoughtful eyes. It never seemed like a salesman pitching to prospects. It was like he was talking to new friends. When he was invited to go inside the business or home, we would wait in the car with anticipation. More often than not, he returned with a signed contract in hand and the whole family cheered for his victory.

It wasn’t uncommon for us to run into those same folks at the local grocery store, church, or a restaurant and he would go out of his way to greet them warmly–never missing the opportunity to introduce us kids with a proud smile. His interactions with his customers outside of their normal business dealings were always returned with warmth—there were lots of hugs, back pats, and double-handed handshakes. Not only were they his customers, but more importantly to him they were friends, too.

Our favorite restaurants who were also his clients always welcomed our family on Friday and Saturday nights. Dad often paid the check with gift cards the restaurateurs traded for their alarm system and cameras. He was always sure to tip the waiter separately in cash.

Over the years, Dad sold thousands of alarm systems and along the way, he demonstrated to me how to build a successful business through strong relationships, extraordinary service, and an outstanding reputation. Dad also taught me that doors open for those who knock. Throughout the years, the lessons he taught me about persistence, integrity, and relationship-building have helped me in my own career.

While I long ago decided not to join the family alarm business, I did become an alarm salesman. Today, I own a national security distribution company where we sell alarm systems to thousands of alarm dealers nationwide. Like my dad with his customers, many of mine have become great friends, some of which I consider family.

When people ask me why I didn’t join the family business, I explain that if I was to stand any chance of selling more alarm systems than my old man, I knew I’d have to sell them wholesale! Jake is the Founder and President of SS&Si Dealer Network, an independent distribution company that offers competitive pricing, private labeling, fast shipping, marketing support, vendor programs, and funding options. He also serves as the Associate Director for the Integrators Association of Florida (IAF) as well as the on the Marketing and Communications Committee for The Monitoring Association(TMA). He completed his Bachelors of Arts from Rollins College.

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Self-Actualizing Your David Vs. Goliath Story

Mark Haney

In the timeless tale of David and Goliath, we marvel at the young shepherd boy who, armed with only a sling and unwavering faith, defeated a mighty giant. As entrepreneurs and dreamers, we often find ourselves in David’s shoes, staring down towering obstacles and formidable competitors. But just like David, we too have a secret weapon: our unique strengths, creativity, and the audacity to dream big.

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3xLOGIC Ecosystem Expands with the Launch of Four New Cameras

3xLOGIC has launched four new camera and imager solutions providing exceptional high-definition quality and intelligent software to improve business insights. Each camera offers unique features tailored to business needs. Some include fixed lens capabilities, AI analytics, enhanced visual performance for poor lighting conditions, and more.

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Interface Systems Unveils AI-Powered Video Analytics Solution in Partnership with Wobot

Interface Systems, announced the launch of the Wobot AI-powered video analytics solution designed specifically for the quick-service restaurant (QSR) and retail industries. The innovative solution utilizes existing security camera infrastructure to deliver real-time insights that enable customers to streamline operations and protect assets.

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