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      About the Game:
      Drag Racer V3 – Drifted Games. Fast & Furious eat your heart out – it’s your time to smoke the 1/4 mile in this classic drag racing hit. Buy your perfect base car from a huge selection of tuner, sport and muscle cars.

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      Tune, paint and customise your ride, because you need to look good on the drag strip. It’s time to prove your mettle, select an opponent and get ready to throw down. Be careful with your throttle and precise with your gear shifts as getting this correct is crucial to you dominating the strip. There is also a career mode, start from the bottom and build up your cash, upgrading your ride and increasing your status within the drag racing community. This is Drag Racer V3! How to play Drag Racer V3. To control your drift car’s controls while battling on the drag strip you are going to use your keyboard’s cursor keys. Drag Racer V3 cheats. Do you need a helping hand to get you started on Drag Racer V3? Well, I have just the cheat for you… Step 1: Load the game Step 2: Click “Tuner Mode” Step 3: Enter “unclepeanuts” as your name Step 4: Click on “Easy” as that is the only game mode that will allow this cheat code Step 5: Enjoy your new bank balance of $5,000,000 – you’re welcome. More of a visual learner? Then hit play on this video showing you how to use this cheat code: UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT keys to select your gear and hold spacebar for gas. How to use NOS in Drag Racer V3. Nitrous Oxide – or ‘NOS’ – has been around in the car tuning scene for decades. The idea of shooting a burst of ultracold (condensed) air into the combustion cycle means much more bang and much less knock (lean air-fuel) on the air-fuel mixture. Ultimately, this means an instant shot of more power. Sounds good right? Damn, right it does! You can harness the power of NOS in Drag Racer V3 and give your ride a massive boost over your competition on the drag strip. Head over to your Garage and select the car that you would like to use. Now hit the “Store”, then “Parts” and select “Performance Parts”. Choose “Nitrous”, select “Nitrous Kit” and then hit “Buy”. Now your car is equipped with the latest NOS kit. Shall we test it out? You can pick “Showoff”, “Race” or “Tourneys” and take your ride to the track. When the staging lights turn green – hit “N” on your keyboard. Just make sure the extra boost doesn’t through you off your gear change! Drag Racer V3 walkthrough. Want to watch somebody else walk you through the game? Try this handy video. Scrap Metal 6 5 Stars Supra Drift 2 5 Stars Drift Hunters 5 Stars Drift Hunters 2 5 Stars Madalin Stunt Cars3 5 Stars Impostor 5 Stars Paper Minecraft 5 Stars Top Speed Racing 3D Drift Hunters MAX Furious Racing 3D 5 Stars NASCAR Racing 5 Stars Drift Boss 5 Stars Paco Stunt Cars 5 Stars Touge Drift & Race 5 Stars Madalin Stunt Cars2 5 Stars Arcade Car Drift 5 Stars City Car Racer 5 Stars Burnout Drift 5 Stars Russian Car Driver 5 Stars Cyber Punk Racing 5 Stars Supra Drift 3D 5 Stars Skyline Drift 3D 5 Stars GTR Drift Fever 5 Stars UNBOUNDED™ 5 Stars. Madalin Stunt Cars 3 5 Stars This is the latest in the Madalin Stunt Cars series and offers a host of improvements including new cars and multiplayer. Furious Racing 3D Head into the cockpit of your favorite supercars and carry out terrifying maneuvers through the busy city traffic. Drift Hunters MAX 5 Stars A brand-new Drifted exclusive from the legendary Drift Hunters series, providing more insane cars, tracks, and features than ever before. Exclusive. Top Speed Racing 3D Get behind the wheel of your favorite car before tearing up the streets, where you can either free-roam or take on a variety of tasks and challenges. Supra Drift 2 5 Stars Drifting fans have enjoyed what the hugely popular Supra Drift game has to offer, and we’re delighted to bring you this latest game in the series. Rate This Game. ( 5 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5) You can use this feature to rate this game. Please be generous, giving a higher rating helps us to create more games like these 🙏 All Points New Zealand Config1 Config2 Config3 DragonTail Hillclimb1 RedSunsHill Config1 Config2 Config3 Downhill1 Downhill2 Downhill3 FullCircle Config1 Config2 HangerFlyBy Slalom FullCircle RevCircle FullCircle Config1 Config2.

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