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      The values range from and are similar to those used in Hebrew gematria, with alpha being equal to 1. Greek gematria can be used in much the same way as Hebrew gematria, but its application is more limited due to its rarity. “Gematria is a method of assigning the numerical values to a term or a phrase”. Simple gematria calculator can be used in various situations to calculate the numerical value of words or phrases. It has been used by mystics to predict future events, create personalized mantras for meditation and affirmations that align with one’s goals and interests. Gematria calculations of names are popular among certain religious groups, where it is believed that a person’s name reveals their destiny. Gematria is an ancient practice of assigning numerical value to letters and words. It has been used by various religions and cultures for different purposes, such as finding hidden meanings in sacred texts and predicting the future based on numerical patterns. is another free online gematria calculator that supports Biblical, Genesis, Hebrew, Reverse Cipher. You can enter words in Hebrew, English, Arabic, or Greek or look up a number. With that, it shows you the gematria of the input in all the supported gematria ciphers. is another free website with an online gematria calculator. Along with that, you also get options to remove vowels and remove consonants. It shows you the gematria of each character of the input as well.

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