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      An ancient version of gematria was a fully developed mathematical system that used words to reveal sums that they intended future readers to discover. The Hebrew Gematria is the oldest known Gematria, and you should have a separate Hebrew gematria calculator to find the values in the Hebrew Gematria. The Gematria Hebrew is specific and there is no regularity of the numeric except for the first 5 numbers of the English alphabets. You can find the Full Reduction Gematria in the form of English alphabets.You are given the corresponding numerical values to the first nine words of English alphabets. We are repeating the numeric values to the next nine words, and you would have noticed the value so the English word “z” is “8”. This project’s purpose is to create a program that people across the world will be able to use to calculate Qabalistic computations for secular as well as spiritual needs. The English Gematria uses the letters of English words to give a number meaning. But even though it can be used the same way as any other Gematria, this system gives different results. Greek gematria is a less common type of gematria that assigns a number value to each Greek letter. The numbers, which range from 1 to 800, are like the Hebrew gematria, where 1 is the same as alpha. Greek gematria can be used in the same ways as Hebrew gematria, but it is not as useful because it is not as common. Some of my non-Romance choices probably look weird, such as using ‘C’

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