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      This shows you the value of each character in the selected gematria cipher. The gematria calculator is a more interactive way to find the numerical values in the most famous Gematria against the alphabet provided. We are easily able to convert the simple words in the most known gematria codes. This can be great if you are finding the Gematria value so any phrase, word or sentence. It is great to convert a phrase or a word into its Gematria code, and we can discuss various topics without any fear of decoding our content. Add the values of the letters in the name to determine their value. If the sum is a double-digit number, simply add the two figures to produce a single digit. (For instance, the numerical value of your name number, 21, is three.) Only if your name number is 11 or 22 will there be an exception. The third type of gematria is called “Ordinal” gematria, and it assigns a number value to each letter based on where it is in the alphabet instead of how much it means on its own. “A” would be the same as 1, “B” would be the same as 2, and so on. This method can be used in the same way that Hebrew or Greek gematria can, but the results are different because of the way it numbers things. The most common way to use gematria today is the Jewish method, which gives Hebrew signs numbers. As an example, the letter Beth () has a value of two, while the letter Aleph () has a value of one. Then, this method can be used to figure out the value of any Hebrew word or phrase. The “gematria value” or “gematria number” of a result is how much it is worth in numbers. “Change not as much as the style of a letter; for behold! thou, o prophet, shalt not behold all these mysteries hidden therein. (AL 1,54)”

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