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      About the Game:
      THERE is a new way to clean your hairbrush – and it is a fool-proof system to make sure you start off with a completely clean brush every time. The hack is super simple and requires just your hairbrush and craft glue. A hack on TikTok is helping people clean the hair from their brushes Credit: TikTok.


      If done properly, the hack makes the hairbrush look as good as new Credit: TikTok. The video was shared on TikTok and showed Elmer’s glue being poured onto a hairbrush. Once the glue was completely dry, the person peeled it away from the bristles, which took the hair with it. Once the quick snippet of the hack was shown, a Stitched video took over with an intrigued person trying to attempt the useful tip. “If this works, it is definitely a game changer,” the person said. However, the user taught viewers what not to do: remove the glue too early. While the hair still came up with the glue in this attempt, it was not completely dry and proved to be a bit messy.

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