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      Gaining a featured snippet in PAA and PASF answers is an easy way to increase search visibility and organic share of voice. Securing People Also Ask answers and featured snippets can increase your search visibility and brand awareness — and it all starts with keyword research and great content. As the world’s most popular search engine, it has improved its ability to anticipate users’ search queries and provide useful and actionable responses to their questions. By utilizing graphically dynamic features like boxes featuring text and other content, Google aims to point searchers in the best direction. One way they do this is with the People Also Ask Box, or PAA box. This website lets you find questions that people are searching on the search engines based on a given keyword and location. It generates nested results and you can again feed any question from the results to the search tool of the websites to further explore the related questions and export the data. Answer Featured Snippets is the parent of multiple answer formats. They are select search results that are given prominence within Google organic result pages, typically just below the ads at the top. Getting your business featured here means winning additional brand exposure in search results. Another similarity with featured snippets is that the answers in the People Also Ask are pulled from pages that rank for related search terms and include properly optimized relevant content. It is fascinating to see how this works with machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. If the article or post is able to rank at this section, for sure you can gain an increase in organic traffic from the featured snippet. I am pretty sure this page will give you an abundant of traffic as it’s chosen by Google for the keywords ‘external monitor. The data show that featured snippets are more targeted and generated less frequently than PAAs, which often appear alongside other features such as maps for “where” queries. This supports the idea that PAAs are, at least in part, being triggered as query refinements for the kinds of questions that Google might struggle to interpret. This “Time To Result” is a key metric that Google uses to determine how they are performing. The “People also ask” box is a Google universal SERP result that answers questions related to the searcher’s initial query.

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