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      This free keyword research tool functions by typing in a main keyword or phrase, then it generates a list of related keywords and their search volumes, competition levels and a rankability score. This data will help you identify the most effective keywords to use in your content & guide in optimizing your blog posts for search engines. Use the list of keywords to see how much estimated organic traffic you can expect to generate from relevant Google searches on the topics you plug into the tool. It enables employees to create search engine optimized content based on information, such as high-ranking keywords, average search volume, competition scores, and related keywords. With Keyword Tool, marketers can monitor keyword search frequencies, track average CPC (Cost-per-Click), and compare keyword rankings graphically. Supervisors can configure user access rights, find keywords based on specific languages, set up multiple currencies, and export keyword data in CSV or Excel file formats. Like it or not, if you want to start a blog and get traffic from search engines (like Google & Bing), you’ll need to research the right keywords to try and rank for. The best keyword ideas for most bloggers will have medium search volume and low keyword difficulty. That’s exactly why I wanted to build this free keyword research tool. To show you those keyword suggestions for free with just a quick keyword search. In order to generate traffic from Google towards your website, you need internet searchers to be using the same keywords as what is included on your site in order for them to find you in the search results. The best way to understand this is to discover Google keyword ideas that have the best SEO potential. To do this it’s essential to use a keyword research tool like Cocolyze. The Cocolyze keyword research tool provides you with Google keyword ideas, that if optimized in the correct way, will improve your website’s overall SEO.

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