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      About the Game:
      bbcr mod menu first release. mod menus that allow you to modify the game’s assets gameobjects etc in baldi’s basics. Status In development Category Game mod Author oldsportGames Tags Baldi’s Basics, baldis-basics-plus-mod-menu.

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      More posts. 5 days ago. 10 days ago. 24 days ago. 32 days ago. 45 days ago. 55 days ago. 68 days ago. Jan 13, 2023. Dec 21, 2022. Dec 06, 2022. Comments. Viewing most recent comments · Next page · Last page. Fasguy just released a mod menu of bbcr so don’t use this one cuz it just copy bbc 1.4.3 mod menu code. this statement is stupid for these reasons. 1. just because it uses the code from fasguy’s bbieal classic 1.4.3 mod menu does not mean you shouldn’t use it in fact older code can sometimes be more understandable and easier to use to the programmer Or just working fine for the most part. So do my mod menus suffer just because of this one problem”? NO. 2. my mod menu has tabs that allow you to make levels (tho that is hard to do if you dunno what you are doing) modify materials listen to the ingame music and so on so in a nutshell i am saying it has some extra features and is not JUST A FREAKING GOSHDARN COPY. and a little thing to keep in mind i get mad when somebody says “DoN’t UsE tHiS” because it is litteraly a insult to my efforts that i have put into this project. therefore your statement is at best Stupid and crap. : request please add a feature where it will give u the answer to the impossible question. you shouldn’t request stuff in any “dev logs” but ok. really good mod menu with a lot of possible things to do! a few things though are a little broken like the character modifiers, but just a question, how do you select a room? lets say i wanted to move a classroom somewhere, but i dont know where to click to select it. also when i try to duplicate things into the schoolhouse (tables, lockers etc) npcs can go through but i cant. nevermind lmao i just figured out how to select rooms. I DONT WANT TO PAY FOR IT. you dont, just click take me to downloads. How do you do it on Mac? I haven’t seen anyone who did it so if anyone knows please inform me! character ignores player does not work. i try to get to null boss so i disabled null but i cant reach the exits evan when i resabled null. you just disable noclip. I need to beat and so. I gonna use hacks new Baldi’s Basics the new remastered. Request: The ability to look up and down. can you add the this that was from the classic ones. THANK YOU SO MUCH I BEATED STORY MODE WITH ALL FUN SETTINGS TYSM. Since everybody down in the comment section is complaining that its not working correctly, I am going to show everybody how to install it: [THIS TUTORIAL ONLY WORKS FOR WINDOWS] 1. Extract the folder by clicking extract, if there is no extract button then click more options or show all options or something like that. WHEN YOUR DONE DO NOT CLOSE THE FOLDER FOR THE NEXT STEP! 2. Open up the folder for Baldi’s Basics Classic Remastered, if you downloaded it on steam then go over to the gamepage and click the gear icon, then hover your cursor over each option until you find the button “Browse Files” or something like that, after you do that click on the browse folder button or whatever. 3. Open the BBCR folder and open up the Baldi Data at the same time, after that you will drag the thing inside of the BBCR folder into the “Managed” folder in the Baldi Data folder. 4. Last but not least, click the button that starts with “Replace Files” or something like that, after it loads close the BBCR folder and open the Baldi application. To open the mod menu, press tab on your keyboard.

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