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      About the Game:
      Search thousands of popular apps and games ready for download. iOS Haven. Smile inspires trendsetters curating new shortcuts for the community.

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      Unpack– tweaks and tools supp. Become an Expert With Apple Shortcuts. Reading this tutorial will make you an expert Shortcutter. A shortcutter is the name given to expert. How to Share Apple Shortcuts with Friends. Learn how to share your Apple Shortcut with friends and family. Perfect for large Shortcut apps whic. Tweak Box – Smile v4.2.0 Jailbreak Tool on Shortcut App 🇯🇵 Tweak Box – Smile, is a premium Japanese tool on Shortcut hand crafted by @Smiledayo_ that provides. unc0ver v8.0.0 is NOW OUT with iOS 14.6-14.8 support for A12-A13 iPhones. A new unc0ver release is here. We are following the story closely! iOS 14.4-14.8 Full File System & Keychain Extraction for A11-A13 Chips. Update to Checkra1n and upcoming jailbreak with file system access. Jailbreak & Sideloading Culture. iOS Haven is a 3rd party app store search engine powered by the people in the jailbreak community. Users submit apps to share with the world and we provide driving sales! With nearly 2000+ submissions and counting, we have next level searching capabilities and mirroring. It’s like insurance! Anyone with iPhone or Apple Mac can make use of our tools. Truly, iOS Haven is for those seeking power through apps and shortcuts. Our competitors provide great services, but nobody provides support and knowledge like iOS Haven and its partners. Contact us anytime. People who choose to create an account will gain early access to upcoming features. Including private and limited access to partner projects! Smart people use the automated systems of iOS Haven to bank on quality insights. Blog/News. We also provide a free blog for technophiles looking to gain knowledge in iOS related topics ranging from beginner tutorials for jailbreaking and sideloading, to news about latest features in iOS and covert apps including those which provide hidden power for iOS devices that directly access the AppStore. All content on the blog is suggested by users who reach out on social media. Influencers looking to reach a broader audience should share their content with @ioshavencom on Twitter to get featured in the next blog driving viewership for key demographics. We have access to insider sources and iOS experts in the field across language barriers and ethnicity groups. The people of iOS Haven have a say in what they want to see. Power Tools. Non-readers and power app / low code users will be interested in our Apple Shortcuts library. We provide fine grain lookup controls for locating and sharing your Shortcut creations with the wider internet. Viewing existing shortcut apps provides skills to inspiring power users looking to sharpen their automation skills. Fashion. Finally, we provide high quality themes for iOS home screen crafters and interior designers. We feature themes from next generation artists including fashion names like Gucci and Nike Air Max as well as meme themes like Among Us and Sponge Bob Square Pants. Nowadays your Apple device is a fashion statement on the inside and the outside. Those who are not downloading themes will be considered old-fashioned and likely out of style. Frequent Updates. New features are added upon request. We are frequently redesigning and creating smart systems from the ground up. Please notify the developers or private beta testers if you encounter any issues or would like to see more features.

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