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      About the Game:
      Look your most gorgeous on prom night with these prom beauty hacks, prom makeup tips, and prom hair advice. These 55 Prom Beauty Tips are Seriously Life-Changing. The biggest night of the year is coming up, but there are a TON of things to do before you’re ready to hit the prom.

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      You’ve got your dress, your shoes, your date. Now, all you need is to plan out your beauty look to perfection. Don’t worry, when it comes to getting ready for prom, we’ve got you covered. Make sure your prom updo is picture perfect and your makeup is smudge-free with these 55 prom tips you won’t want to take on prom without. This content is imported from poll. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. 1. Heat up your pencil liner for easier application. Does your pencil liner skip over the folds of your eyelid? Try melting it down a bit so it glides on easier. To do so, hold it over the flame of a lighter for a second or two until it gets soft. Let it cool for a sec and then try the pencil out on the back of your hand so you don’t burn your eyelid. If it’s gliding on but not too hot, you should be good to go! 2. Prime your eyelids with white liner. Want to make the most of your eye look? Cover your eyelid in white liner before you apply the shadow. The white base will allow the color to pop even more. 3. Protect your eye makeup from mascara with a spoon. Nervous about getting mascara on your eye makeup when you’re coating your lashes? Hold a spoon so it’s over your eyelid with the back facing outward and the edge right behind the lash line. Then, apply mascara like normal. The spoon will work as a shield and will protect your lids from clumps and residue. 4. Apply under-eye concealer in the shape of a triangle. Prom is stressful and your growing to do list may keep you up at night in the days before the big dance. To make sure you cover up the resulting under eye bags, apply your concealer in the shape of a triangle, with the base under your eye and the tip reaching down toward the apple of your cheek. This way, you can make sure to really cover up all the discoloration and shadows. 5. If you find yourself sweating excessively at prom, use a toilet seat cover as blotting paper. I know, I know. It sounds absolutely disgusting, but toilet seat covers and blotting papers are made from really similar materials, and the one you’re using will be clean and fresh out of the dispenser. Honestly, this could be a life saver after hours of straight dancing get you heated up and sweaty. play icon The triangle icon that indicates to play. 6. Prevent an updo meltdown. Stash a mini can of hairspray and a few bobby pins at the bottom of your purse. When your hair feels like it’s about to fall, spritz a bobby pin with hairspray and tuck it into your updo. The hairspray makes the pin hold to your prom hair for extra reinforcement. 7. Swipe foundation on your ears. Otherwise, when you’re 1,000 degrees from dancing all night, your ears may redden from the heat and you’ll look two-tone in all your Insta photos. 😒 8. Brighten your smile. Two weeks before prom, swap your regular toothpaste for a whitening one that removes surface stains and protects your teeth from further yellowing. Brush for at least two minutes at a time, and avoid dark soda, coffee and tea. 9. Crank up your glow. If your dress is strapless or mini, slather on a lotion with a shimmering tint, then dust shoulders and collarbones with a bronzing powder for an extra dose of radiance. 10. Double up on hairspray. The secret to getting an updo to last all night is to apply hairspray before and after styling to give your strands that extra stick. L’Oréal Paris L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle Lock It Bold Control Hairspray 8.25 Ounce. L’Oréal Paris L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle Lock It Bold Control Hairspray 8.25 Ounce. 11. Smell ~irresistible~ all night. Just pat on a teeny amount of Vaseline to areas you normally spritz —your neck, back of wrists, etc. The Vaseline gives the perfume something to hold on to, so it will linger all night long. 12. Keep oil blotting papers handy. Sweat and oil can cause makeup to slip off, so stash blotting papers in your prom-night clutch for touch-ups. 13. Fill in your brows. You don’t need to go Cara Delevingne-crazy, but pro makeup artists swear that strong brows make the biggest difference in how you look in professional photos. And by professional photos, we mean the 10,000 your mom will insist you take. 14. Nix a prom-night pimple fast. If you wake up on prom day with an unwelcome visitor on your face, stash a Q-tip soaked in eye drop solution in the freezer for an hour. Then rub it on your pimple. The combo of the cold and the eye drops constricts blood vessels to immediately reduce redness and soothe irritation. 15. Fix streaky faux tan lines. Mix together freshly squeezed lemon juice with a few teaspoons of baking soda until the powder becomes a paste. Then, jump in the shower and scrub areas of streakiness with the mixture until the unwanted tan lines disappear. The lemon juice is an ultra-mild lightener and the baking soda is a natural exfoliant so the mixture will get the job done. 16. Turn to the right in photos. For whatever reason, researchers say the left side of your face shows more emotion and looks more flattering in pics, so it’s basically the easiest way ever to look even more gorgeous in your prom pics. 17. Use the eyeshadow trick pros swear by. For a big event, always use a cream shadow instead of a powder, because the texture looks richer. To make it last until the 2 a.m. after-party, use a little translucent powder or a thin layer of concealer underneath the shadow. 18. Bring a little extra shadow with you, just in case. Load a Q-tip up with product and stash it in a plastic baggie for emergency touch-ups later in the night. 19. Use painter’s tape to clean up the aftermath of a smoky eye. All those shadow flakes hanging out under your eye? Dab painter’s tape on your skin to gently lift them off. The tape is just strong enough to remove the excess makeup, but not so strong that you’ll pull off your foundation, too. 20. Brush your lips (seriously). Before applying a bold color, remove any dry flakes on your lips by brushing them with a toothbrush. 21. Give your makeup a selfie-run. Take a few photos of yourself after you do your makeup to catch things you don’t see in the mirror, like if your shimmer is catching the light in a weird way, or if your contouring looks clown-ish. 22. Try a two-step lipstick application. Apply one shade all over your mouth, and then dot-and-blend a lighter color in the middle of your lips. The contrasting shades create dimension that makes your lips look hella full. 23. Tame your baby hairs. Spritz a toothbrush with aerosol hairspray, then use it to clean up stray hairs along your part and hairline. This works wonders if pesky flyaways are attempting to escape from your updo. 24. Say prune” in pictures. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen reportedly say this word to nail that perfect close-lipped sneaky smile. It sounds ridiculous, but it also works . Getty Images. 25. Set your nail art like a pro. It sounds crazy, but using candle wax as glue makes 3D nail appliques last twice as long! Scrape off soft wax with a toothpick and dab onto the back of the mini crystals. Press them onto wet nails, and the wax will harden with the polish. 26. Blast your mani with a shot of cold air to help it dry faster. You have zero time to spare when you’re getting ready, so get in front of your AC or use the cool button on your blow-dryer. The cold air hardens polish fast (just like in salons), making it last longer. 27. Get the perfect winged liner. We know, the flirty look isn’t as easy as bloggers and YouTubers make it look!

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