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      The Developer Supported Subreddit For The Mobile Game “Random Dice”! Tips, Gameplay, Memes, Help, and More! Do Not Give Away ANY Information Or Click On Links Sent To
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      The Developer Supported Subreddit For The Mobile Game “Random Dice”! Tips, Gameplay, Memes, Help, and More! Do Not Give Away ANY Information Or Click On Links Sent To You For Your Own Safety! Members Online. by MindSettOnWinning. Random Dice Tier List 2022. Intro: Happy new year fellow dicers. This is my updated tier list for the new year and season, as per request. If you don’t know, I have made many other lists in the past, with my first tier list being the most popular and helpful when the game was still new. Below you will find the tier list of individual dice, then below that will be some meta decks for PvP and Coop. Please keep in mind this is all anecdotal and based on my opinion, experience, and publicly available data. Description: A brief explanation is in order. Joker Tier ” is in my opinion the best few dice in the game. They can fit in the most decks and not bound by meta or niche, keep in mind timewinder is not actually a usable dice outside the event (At the time of writing). Carry and PVP only = orange tier, they are the best dices in the game that are bound to a certain play style, for example solar and combo are stamina decks (decks that try to kill mobs for as long as possible), and assassin is either out to kill you or buff your entire board depending on game mode. Great dice are dice that are usable and can fit in the meta but aren’t the best options or requires other dice to make it meta, considered yellow tier together with ” Coop only ” which are dice that are great but only for coop. Niche Tier are dice that have their purpose and can be used but very rarely or only in certain decks and meta, they are also filler dice that people can use if they lack legendary dice (For example you can use iron instead of typhoon for boss dps if you dont have it or are under 550% crit). Arena only are dice that are good options if you have nothing better to choose from in arena, gamble dice is actually more dps than m.wind, and wave dice is high aoe damage. And of course terrible dice are dice that you should avoid using unless you have literally no other options. Notable Mentions: Snowball could be great but as its new needs more testing for pvp. Death dice is an awesome pvp dice for real but only good when paired with scope and is meta reliant. Bubble dice is still one of the only ways to bypass your coop partners limits by protecting them from boss effects and allowing them to output their highest DPS longer, and increasing critical rate is very valuable, however it requires a skilled dicer to use. Heal is similar to bubble in this regard, can easily bypass wave limitations and requires a skilled dicer. Wind dice is in niche tier due to having the fastest attack in the game, even more than m.wind and typhoon, due to this fact, It is not a terrible dice and if you can find ways to exploit number of hits, then it is rather usable for that purpose. Lock is there as hard stun, which is strictly better than slows for speed gun damage so it is a good replacement for blizzard. META DECKS (Keep in mind dice are in positional order you should make them) note : If you see dice like this, assassin/silence/ix10/royal, it means you can pick one of those dice for that one dice slot. PVP – (Numbering does NOT mean they are strictly better than other decks) #1 Nuke Hellphoon : Nuke, Typhoon, Mimic, Joker, Hell [Blessings or Fifth Voyage] Nuke hellphoon is arguably the best deck in the game and pretty hard to use, it requires c10 nuke to function properly and at least c8 hell is recommended, higher is better. The idea is that hellphoon kills small mobs and nuke kills bosses and larger mobs when needed. Blessings allows for the most nukes possible, you only really need 1 high pip hell next to a typhoon to clear all small mobs. For this reason,#1.5 Hellphoon Variants: Same as above but nuke is replaced with another dice such as flow, royal, or sand swamp (the only time you would ever use this dice), and mimic is replaced with growth. These variants are more focused on killing your opponent with hell instead of never dying. #2 Solar Lunar Variants : Solar, Lunar, Joker, Growth, knight/silence/teleport/blizzard/royal/flow/time/snowball. Rarely played in the top few percent of players due to being hard countered often, it is still a very strong option against a lot of decks such as nukehellphoon, scopebo, teleport, and others. Solar and Lunar are your main focus for damage, while you have one dice on the side to try and mess up your opponent with, royal to counter YinYang and other solar/lunar, blizzard to focus everything on stamina, flow to kill, teleport to kill, silence to kill, etc. [No specific board required but blessings is strongly recommended). This deck requires at least c11 lunar to be played effectively in higher ranks. #3 SCOPEBO : Combo, joker, Mimic, Summon, Scope [Blessings or Fifth voyage] Scopebo is great because it is a strong stamina deck that cannot really be countered by royal. For this reason it is recommended you do not run lunar (though you may). The idea is to get high combo count by using jokers on combo and merging mimics onto your combo. Combo offers high single target dps, scope allows this DPS to extend to multiple targets so you do not die to the small mobs during waves. #4 TeleFlow/RoyalFlow : Flame/Guardian/Sacrifice, Flow, Teleport/Royal, Joker, Growth [Pantheon or Fifth voyage] The idea for this deck is to kill your opponent with flow. Flame is a high DPS dice when considering AOE damage, meaning it can help you live through the early waves while you merge for high flow pips. You must focus on getting your flow maxed and as high pip as possible. Royal is there to counter certain decks (such as deactivating solar dice and YinYang Harmony), while teleport is the more aggressive version. The reason you do not run typhoon is because typhoon needs to be max level in order to give decent dps and spending SP to level it is a waste when you need to focus on flow. You can run sacrifice instead of flame in the teleport version of the deck, but not in the royal version. Guardian is there for people with low crit. #5 Hypersin : Sacrifice, Assassin, Mimic, Bounty/ix10, Joker [Luminous Prism ONLY] No explanation for you. #6 YinYang Switch : YingYang, switch, joker, filler, supplement. [Pantheon or Club Violet or Blessings] YinYang is a very easy deck to use and recommended for new players. Switch is used to help obtain a harmony spot, supplement is used to help get that harmony to 5+ pips. The filler spot can be royal, nuke, silence, ix10, metastasis etc (feel free to experiment, I had some fun running my c9 time in grand 1). Top 100 players I’ve seen use this deck usually run royal, metastasis, silence, nuke. (i have also used nuke to success) #7 Atomicquake : Atomic, earthquake, growth, joker, supplement. [Blessings] Though earthquake was nerfed this deck is still very strong and can still go wave 10+ in the right hands (And with some luck on bosses). The idea behind this deck is that atomic does max%hp based damage while earthquake does missing%hp based damage. This means atomic shreds them down to low hp, then you will merge earthquake to deal the last bit of damage. It isn’t an infinite deck anymore, but still viable. The key to playing any atomic deck well is merging towards the corners. I recommend blessings board so you are more likely to get atomics at the edge when merging and also so you are less likely to spawn supplements, I recommend supplement as having high pip atomics at the edge is very important. This is essentially just a more viable atomicphoon.

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