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      Italian man ‘offered €10,000 in Bitcoin’ to maim ex-partner

      Investigators in Rome have placed under house arrest a person who they say paid an attacker on the dark web to maim his ex-girlfriend.

      The suspect is accused of offering €10,000 (£8,700; $12,000) in Bitcoin inturn for the attack, which will have paralysed the woman, police said.

      He was traced by Italian authorities and the EU’s crime agency and the woman was unharmed.

      The would-be attacker has not been identified.

      What is the man accused of?
      “It looks like the plot of a contemporary thriller,” Italy’s Postal and Communication Police said in a statement.

      The suspect, a 40-year-old IT expert from the northern region of Lombardy, is alleged to have gone on the dark web some months after his relationship broke down in July 2020.

      Police said he contacted an intermediary via a website on the dark web , seeking to hire an attacker to throw acid at his ex-girlfriend’s face and darkode reborn to break her back, leaving her paralysed.

      Despite having made the first of four payments to the would-be attacker, the suspect remained in touch with his intended victim, sending her flowers and messages, based on police.

      Italian news agency Adnkronos quoted the arrest warrant as saying that the attack was to be staged to look such as for instance a robbery.

      The suspect, who’d held it’s place in a two-year relationship with the lady, had handed down her home address and Facebook profile, the headlines agency added.

      How was he traced?
      Italian authorities said they were alerted after messages from the suspect were intercepted by police from another European country in February.

      The request had been placed through the Tor network – privacy-focused software used to get into the dark web while often obscuring users and data.

      However, EU crime agency Europol said it surely could carry out “an urgent, complex crypto-analysis allow the tracing and identification” of the Bitcoin provider, located in Italy.

      Italian police were then able to obtain hold of further factual statements about the suspect from the crypto-currency provider.

      The suspect’s home in Milan was searched at the conclusion of February, based on Italian media, and as the search unfolded he’s then said to own called off the attack via his computer.

      He’s currently under house arrest, faced with aggravated harassment and attempted personal injury, reports say.

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