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      Some parts of this page are not supported on your current browser version. Please upgrade to a recent browser version. Letters to the Editor: Debate over abortion more about power over women.


      Read full article. The Petoskey News-Review. October 20, 2022 at 7:16 AM · 3 min read. I support Prop 2 to help more voters cast their ballots. I support Proposal 2 on the Nov. 8 Michigan ballot because it will help more eligible voters cast their ballots safely and securely. The Michigan Constitution does not expressly protect the right of eligible citizens to vote. Proposal 2 would correct that by adding an express right to vote without harassment, interference or intimidation into the Michigan Constitution. Proposal 2 will ensure that our right to vote cannot be infringed upon in the future by the courts or the Legislature. In recent years, special interests have tried to convince us that we have to choose between security and access when it comes to voting. Michigan voters deserve a voting system that is both secure and accessible. By voting yes” on Proposal 2, we can make voting more accessible, while still being secure, and insure no voter is left behind. Emily Meyerson Petoskey. Abortion bans add to overpopulation. The average decrease in the planetary population of vertebrates since 1970 is 68%. This includes the complete loss of 562 animal species. The one outstanding exception to this amazing decrease in our vertebrate population is the 20% increase in the population of human vertebrates during the same 50-year period. This would suggest a strong connection between the loss of many vertebrates and the gain in human population. This is most likely because of human land use in the conversion of many native habitats like forests and grasslands into agricultural systems, and to climate change which is primarily due to the increased concentration of atmospheric CO2 caused by humans. Climate change is also responsible for an enormous acceleration of an already damaging level of human migration. It should be obvious to anyone that putting a curb on human population growth is essential to the ultimate preservation of all life on our planet, and that the outlawing of abortion in our country is just one more source of unnecessary human population growth. Story continues. Bob Ross Pellston. Debate over abortion more about power over women. When examining abortion rates in numerous countries, there is a glaring finding. Countries in which abortion is legal, have a lower abortion rate than countries where it is illegal. In statistics, this is referred to as the effects from confounding variable(s). Abortion being legal is not the reason for the lower abortion rate. It is because countries where abortion is legal also have sex education and easy access to affordable contraception. Countries that have sex education and contraception have noticeably fewer unwanted pregnancies, which then result in a lower abortion rate. Conversely, countries where abortion is illegal not only have more abortions, but are guilty of the heinous act of forcing women and girls to bear children who are unwanted and/or whom the mothers cannot take care of nor financially support. If there was true concern over abortion, there are simple steps to take. Namely, provide accurate and comprehensive sex education and easily available contraception. Unfortunately, it appears those who spout that they are anti-abortion are more anti-sex education and anti-contraception than they are anti-abortion. It is analogous to drivers demanding smooth running car engines but being vehemently opposed to changing the oil and filter. The debate over abortion in the U.S. is more about having power over women. Too many legislators believe that women’s bodies are community property to regulate however they please. I would fight to stop someone passing laws to assume control over my power to decide my medical decisions. I can’t imagine any woman not doing the same. I strongly urge voting for legislators who acknowledge and support women having control over all their medical decisions. If Proposal 3 passes, I expect those legislators who deny women their rights will immediately start trying to weaken, or even nullify the women’s health protections specified in Proposal 3.

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