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      Its extensive scholarly database of over 91+ billion web pages and 82+ million published articles ensures thorough plagiarism checks as compared to other checkers. Furthermore, it provides a detailed interactive color-coded report highlighting plagiarized content along with plagiarism percentage. It is one of the best user-friendly tools with one-click upload button access. Free Plagiarism is an online plagiarism detector that correctly detects copied material in assignments, papers, and websites. This tool searches billions of documents for similarities in your text and notifies you whether it contains duplicate material to avoid content theft. Free Plagiarism online tool evaluates your content using Google and a variety of other search engines, highlighting the areas with repeated text. It pulls information from Google and compares your work to other materials accessible online before presenting the findings. It assists you in avoiding plagiarism in your academic article, web page, or other document while also allowing you to produce unique material. Turnitin, on the other hand, is one of the most efficient plagiarism checking tools available in the market, with millions of users globally. It utilizes advanced algorithms to detect similarities in a large database of resources available from a network of institutions, journals, and storage providers over the internet. However, it has no access options for non-affiliated individuals. Only faculty staff and institutions can grant access to the tool, often forcing educators and instructors to use it as an assignment submission platform. This limitation implies that your plagiarism checking process is accessible to your professor, and you cannot edit the final document without their knowledge. Like, tutors on Turnitin see the same report as the student retaining transparency at all levels. They have partnered separately with several educational institutions to provide plagiarism checking services for students, researchers, and educators.

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