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      About the Game:
      Tool RPGM RPG Maker VX Ace Cheat Menu. Found this while going around the internet, it’s similar to the MX Plugin, however the difference is that u extract it, copy it to the folder, then run the Game_Cheat.exe once, it’ll add the scripts and notes in the game, then run it once again and it’ll run the game. Once inside the game can press F8 and it’ll open a Cheat Menu above to edit some values, enter debug mode(be able to walk through walls while holding ctrl) and so.

      >>>> ENTER RPG VANITAS HACK <<<<

      It also have a shop to buy 1 item that instant wipe ur party/enemy. Up to you. You must be registered to see the links. IMPORTANT NOTE: If u have installed K-Lite Mega Codec Pack full for win 7, it’ll conflict with the scripts and while trying to run the games through the cheat.exe it’ll keep getting an pop up saying something about window movement, some kinda of conflict from one of the codecs in the list. May also have this with some other players, but stable with VLC at least. F8 = Open Cheat Menu You can change speedy, window size, get item to kill urself and all enemies, some gold selling the gold bars and even enter debug mode. Debug Mode Active(on) on VX = Same as if u were test running the game, f2 shows fps, f5 changes screen size, f9 show variables and switchs active in real time. Another Side-Note this time related to cheat engine in VX Ace Games that i think it’s important to note or remember.

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