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    • Jay Bartlett

      S2 Security announced the release of S2 NetBox Online, a cloud-based version of its S2 NetBox access control and event monitoring system. A flexible, scalable subscription service, S2 NetBox Online offers both a pure web interface and S2 Security’s popular S2 Magic Monitor unified interface.

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    • Johnny Garcia

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    • estephany

      Card access control systems are utilized to control, monitor, and keep safe the perimeter of your workplace. Rather than using a physical key and lock to gain access into a secure area, card access control systems use card fobs and legends rather than simple cards. It is more specific because you can control who enters your building, eliminating outsiders, employees, and even pets. It is also an excellent way to prevent employees from gaining sensitive information usually protected by locked file cabinets. Some companies also utilize access control systems to limit individual computer networks (or parts of computer networks), email boxes, telephone sets, and other areas.

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