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    • Jay Bartlett

      Security and Safety Things GmbH is returning to CES in 2020 as a partner in the Bosch booth. The company will demonstrate an open IoT ecosystem for security cameras that enables innovative applications, combining Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These applications, provided by third-party development partners, offer actionable insights and intelligence to building and site managers, as well as operators in a variety of different verticals.

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    • stella

      Security cameras are an extremely popular home surveillance tool and can be found in homes, businesses, government agencies, and schools. Most of these cameras are easy to install and can be purchased at a local retail or electronics store. A benefit of security cameras is that they allow for remote monitoring by an individual or a company with a laptop, smart phone, or tablet. Some cameras are IP cameras which can be accessed over the internet using a web browser. These cameras have the ability to stream video to a monitor from anywhere in the world, and a person can access and view the live footage from their computer, smartphone, or tablet.

      There are several options for adding cameras to a security camera system. A wireless hot spot is a single unit that houses one or more cameras. A hot spot is typically found in residential areas and are attached to homes, offices, or businesses. A wired hub is a recording/storage unit that connects to the cameras through the Internet. Whereas, a wireless hub-free system works on a Wi-Fi only and does not require any additional hardware to storage video footage.

      Many cameras today also offer cloud-based analytics solutions. Cloud-based analytics allow a person to gain access to their own footage from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. The footage can be reviewed and downloaded in real time by the user, and the capability allows a person to view their own camera feed on a television screen or on a computer monitor. Some cameras also have a USB port that can connect a user’s mouse, keyboard, or portable monitor to their system so they can view the live video feed. Regardless of whether a camera system offers cloud or platform analytics solutions, a company’s safety and security should be the number one priority.

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