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      Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Q&A for Wii – GameFAQs
      For Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 on the Wii, a GameFAQs Q&amp,A question titled &quot,How do i get all dragonballs?&quot,. How do i get all dragonballs? I have 4 of the dragonballs, im not sure what numbers.

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      but i have no idea how to get them all. anybody have the answers? or locations be it fit? jacksonthornton – 14 years ago – report. Top Voted Answer. There are no specific locations for the Dragon Balls, you can even find them all in the same level if you keep doing it over again and collecting the Dragon Ball each time. You should try doing mission 7 in the Android Saga over and over again and smashing all of the buildings with Dragon Dash as well as the cars, trees, and anything else. You should eventually get a Dragon Ball from one of the buildings / trees / cars. Just remember to keep charging up your Ki in order to have enough to perform the Dragon Dash, and don’t let Cell smash anything because he might smash the building with the Dragon Ball in it. Anonymous – 14 years ago – report. Answers. You can sometimes win them in the world tornement. metanight88 – 14 years ago – report. There are always objects to destroy. ( Buildings, Rocks, etc ) There will always be a dragon ball in something you can destroy. You get them in world tournaments such as cell games, big martial arts tournament, and Yamcha games. You can also get them in story mode when you destroy something with a dragon ball in it. To destroy something, use a full power run and run into it. Or use your throw and throw them into it. Fallen_Angel149 – 14 years ago – report. There is a good guide here on GF: you should check it , it works, I use it every time I need Z points!

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