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    • John Ferrero

      Hello everyone!

      I’m curious to know what makes a good Wikipedia biography. In my opinion, a good Wikipedia biography should be well-researched and accurate, while also being engaging and interesting.

      First and foremost, create a Wikipedia biography page should be accurate. This means that all of the facts and information should be thoroughly researched and verified. The sources should be reliable and the facts should be verified. It is also important to cite sources and provide links to the sources.

      In addition to accuracy, a good Wikipedia biography should also be engaging and interesting. It should be written in an engaging style and have a clear structure. It should also have a strong focus on the life and accomplishments of the person in question. Furthermore, the biography should be balanced, with both positive and negative information included.

      Finally, a good Wikipedia biography should adhere to Wikipedia guidelines. This means that it should not be promotional or overly biased. It should also be written in a neutral tone and avoid using inflammatory language.

      What do you think makes a good Wikipedia biography? Do you have any tips or advice on how to write a good one? Let me know your thoughts!

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