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      About the Game:
      Realistic fishing simulator from enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Here is the Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2, a fishing simulator with which you will feel the aspect
      Game – Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2. Realistic fishing simulator from enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

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      Here is the Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2, a fishing simulator with which you will feel the aspect of sporting competition while relaxing and quieting down as if you were on a real fishing trip. The game will take you to picturesque, generously stocked fishing grounds around the world, recreated with enough detail to captivate you with their unique atmosphere. Above all, you will be faced with the fascinating and demanding challenge of catching more than 60 species of fish: from the inconspicuous common roach to bloodthirsty aquatic beasts like the tiger shark. The Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 is the sequel to the warmly received fishing simulator of the same name from 2017, which was received by players and reviewers alike. The sequel was developed largely based on the huge amount of feedback coming in from the community of real anglers who played the first part of the UFS. It was partly thanks to them that it was possible to design and create an even more refined fishing simulator – from enthusiasts to enthusiasts. Improved underwater camera 2.0. One of the most recognizable features of the UFS series is the underwater camera. In Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2, it has been significantly improved over the previous installment. From now on, you can observe the fish both under and above the water. In addition, you have the option to frame the shot to see everything at its best, choose the right camera settings to monitor the fish’s interest in the ground bait or bait at all times. Full support for the controller! In the UFS2, you are not destined to play with a mouse and keyboard. Indeed, the developers have prepared full support for controllers, which creates completely new gameplay possibilities and affects the overall immersion. Just grab a sit in your armchair, hold the pad in your hands and get even more into the virtual fishing experience, thanks in part to the vibration support of the controller. Adapt your technique to your target and fishing location. The Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 gives you the opportunity to fish using up to three fishing techniques. Fishing float Sit on the bank, cast your rod and wait. See the float dipping under the water? Into action, there’s nothing to wait for. Clip! Spinning Prefer more active gameplay that allows you to explore locations? Gamble on spinning. Choose the right ground bait, taking into account the specifics of the fishery, and cast! But don’t forget to use the right technique to guide a bait, it may not matter to the layman, but to the fish – and therefore to the results of your fishing – it matters. Ground A fishing simulator must rivet to the screen? Nothing could be further from the truth. While virtually fishing in the Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2, you can do something else at the same time, such as… preparing fish dishes in the kitchen. Simply set up the rod stand, mount the bait indicators and cast your rods. You will only return in front of the screen when you hear the loud beeping sound of the buzzer. However, don’t forget to get to your rod in time! The world of fishing is open to you. Literally. For you to begin with, you have up to six fishing grounds, spread across different countries on different continents. Each one is stunning in its appearance, with local flora and fauna replicated in minute detail. Feast your eyes on the fascinating locations in Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2, which will continue to appear more and more with each update. Jackson Park (USA) Uncle Sam invites fishing enthusiasts to the state of Wyoming. Specifically, on the banks of Flat Creek, a tributary of the Snake River, which is one of the most important rivers in Yellowstone National Park. What kind of fish will you find here? Among others, black largemouth bass, yellow perch or pickerel grass. Zalasie Summer Resort (Poland) How about fishing in central Europe? A perfect place would be the Zalasie summer resort, located in the heart of Warmia and Masuria. It is there that Giłwa Lake, also known as Rentyńskie Lake, is home to the common barbel or the mighty white amur. Mountain River (Slovakia) Fans of mountain angling will have a great time in Slovakia, a country whose area is more than 60 percent covered by the numerous ranges of the Western Carpathian Mountains. This means that almost all rivers there are mountain rivers. And this heralds, above all, the picturesqueness of the landscapes and the wild harshness of the angling challenges. By the way – this location is a veritable paradise for fly, spin, and surface ground baits anglers. Among the species of fish, you can catch here are rainbow trout and Danube salmon. Kiel Canal (Germany) In front of you is the maritime waterway connecting the Baltic Sea with the North Sea. This artificial waterway, located in the north of Germany, was built at the end of the 19th century with the aim of the faster and safer passage of ships between the two seas. With the Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2, it can become the place for successful fishing trips for you. Especially as you will find both fresh and saltwater fish, including sea trout and pike-perch. Kurile Lake (Russia) Move to the Asian part of Russia, to the southern tip of Kamchatka. That’s where you’ll find the volcanic Kurile Lake, the largest lake on the entire continent. In the game, you will get the opportunity to explore the surrounding lakes and the rivers they are connected by. Inter alia, silver carps and humpback salmons are swimming in them. Blue Bay (Thailand) Thailand is a real paradise not only for tourists but also for fishermen. In addition to the beautiful sandy beaches, we also have clear, turquoise waters that are rich in food. This in turn means one thing: an abundance of fish species. And not just any fish, because this is where you can catch the mighty tiger shark on a fishing rod, but also smaller specimens, such as the spectacular red lionfish. Catch the 5-meter giant of the seas! You have up to 60 species of fish to catch. The wealth of fauna is one of the greatest assets of the UFS2. You’ll find species of all appearances, types and sizes. One minute you can be fishing for a small roach, and a short time later you are fighting a sea battle with a bloodthirsty tiger shark. It is also hard not to mention the fish models themselves. These have been reproduced extremely realistically in terms of appearance. However, that is not all. Each fish defends itself against being caught in a different way. Pulling a 300-gram specimen out of the water will be a minor skirmish compared to the battle you’ll have to fight against bigger and heavier beasts. The bigger the challenge, the more you will depend on the details: choosing the right tackle, adjusting the brake efficiently or controlling the line tension. In reproducing the appearance and behavior of the fish, the developers of UFS2 have taken care of the smallest details. All this is done so that every casting of the rod foreshadows a completely new and unique adventure. Who is a keen angler without their equipment? As many as 300 different pieces of equipment allow you to plan your fishing with many aspects in mind. You can choose from a wide range of items such as: rods, reels, ground baits, baits, hooks or floats. Looking for a spinning ground bait? Go ahead! Choose from soft baits, hard baits, sinking baits, floating baits, diving baits, etc. For the purpose of making things even more interesting and believable, in the Ultimate Fishing Simulator, we’ve brought you licensed tackle from producers such as Sakura© and Robinson©! Yes, we know what you’re thinking right now.

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