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      About the Game:
      But when it comes to painted walls, you need to be extra careful you’re not stripping the paint as you clean. Here’s how you can easily clean walls without removing the paint. How to clean walls without removing paint – easy way to ensure your walls aren’t damaged.

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      Dirty walls need to be washed quite regularly to ensure they keep their proper colour and polished appearance. You’re recommended to wash your walls every two to three months. If you’re a smoker, or a smoker lives in the house, the walls should be washed on a monthly basis. This is due to the cigarette smoke, tar and other debris building up on the walls, turning them yellow and making the walls smell like smoke. Related articles. How to clean your walls without removing paint. Cleaning your walls can be an arduous chore, and it can seem like they will never come back to life. Cleaning the surfaces is especially trying when you can see patches of paint on your sponge or cloth. For this simple and straightforward tip, washing up liquid will do the trick as it’s a mild enough cleanser that won’t affect the paint. The best thing about this easy tip is that it’s cheap, and you likely won’t need to nip out to get anything you don’t already have at home. How to clean walls without removing paint – GENIUS tip to ensure your walls aren’t damaged (Image: Getty) How to clean walls: Washing up liquid and water is all you’ll need for this genius tip (Image: Getty) READ MORE. You will just need: Washing up liquid A clean cloth or sponge Warm water A mop bucket. Start by pouring two to three drops of washing up liquid into the clean mop bucket. Fill the mop bucket three quarters of the way up with warm, tap water. Take care not to add hot water as this could interfere with the cleaning process and strip the paint off anyway. Afterwards, dip the clean rag, cloth or sponge into the water. How to clean walls: This method will ensure the paint doesn’t strip off the walls (Image: Getty) Again, ensure whatever you’re using is clean as you don’t want the dirt to transfer onto your walls – making the job even bigger. Hold the sponge or cloth into the water until it’s fully soaked through. Lift it out of the water where it has been submerged, and fully wring it out by twisting it thoroughly. Now this is the scary bit, as it’s time to use the cloth and start cleaning the walls. How to clean walls: Simply rinse the washing up liquid from the walls (Image: Getty) READ MORE. Place the rag or sponge onto your desired surface and wipe with soft up and down motions. Add more soapy water to the rag or sponge as needed. If you need to reach higher places, such as ceilings and little corners, stand on a step stool to do so. Next, get rid ion the dirty, soapy water by taking it outside or pouring the bucket down the drain. Trending. Rinse out the bucket with water, and then rinse the sponge or cloth too. Dip whatever you used to clean the walls back into the clean water bucket, ensuring you’ve got rid of the dirt. Wring it out and use it to wipe the soapy residue off of the walls. Allow the walls to air dry. If you want to speed up the drying process, place fans in front of the walls. Related articles. How to clean a glass stovetop Cleaning advice: The huge mistake you’ve been making while cleaning Can you clean with white wine vinegar? 12 things you can and CAN’T.

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