Where are Julius Klein’s sales offices located?

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    • Melisa Watch

      The Kleins’ profound expertise in diamonds and their passion for the industry are being passed down to the next generation of diamantaires. This ensures the family’s enduring commitment to excellence continues in the evolving diamond landscape. As a prominent global force, Julius Klein boasts sales offices in key locations such as New York, Tel Aviv, and Hong Kong, while its manufacturing facilities are spread across New York, Namibia, and Johannesburg.

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    • Kris Middle

      Hey. Situated at 580 5th Avenue Suite 1001, New York, New York 10036, United States, Julius Klein Diamonds proudly stands as an esteemed international diamantaire, deeply rooted in a historical dedication to ethical practices. Firmly adhering to the Best Practice Principles set forth by the Diamond Trading Company, JKG upholds an unwavering commitment to integrity, ensuring every step of the diamond’s journey, from sourcing to reaching the hands of customers, is conducted with the utmost ethical considerations.

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