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    • David

      At the beginning of the development of my online application, everything worked well. There weren’t many users yet. And now, when the traffic has increased, customers began to complain about application crashes and freezes. They say this is just the maximum load and the traffic simply can not cope. Where can I do performance testing of the application and, based on testing, fix problems with the application?

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    • Nill_

      This happens when the server with which your application works is not designed for heavy loads, and it so happened that suddenly your application became popular and the traffic starts to restart. It is necessary to do testing and strengthen the server and optimize it.

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    • JhaycoZick

      You can search Google for testing services of this type, there are many companies and professionals who are dedicated to this type of work, I know that there is a company that is well known but I do not remember its name exactly, the only thing I remember is that your name begins with the letter u, try to find it in the google search looking for that letter

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    • BenitoTorres

      look, if you are still interested in this service you can find it here https://u-tor.com/services/performance-testing you have my word and that of all the users who have used it that it is a trustworthy company, you can read the reviews of the clients who have used it if you don’t believe me I hope it will be of great help to you

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    • Samuel

      Our company turned to one programmer, he put together a program that allows users to find and view our product from all sides, but some functions freeze. I looked at the testing server that you advised, I’m glad that such companies have started working, I will contact them, in any case, thanks for the information…

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    • Adam

      Well, apparently all the same, your application has become popular and many users are interested in it. Yes, in this case, you need to make some improvements in your application to make it somehow easier to use.

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