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      Use a stud finder to locate the wall studs. Use a pencil to mark the stud locations at least 6 inches above and below the line for the bottom of the wall cabinets. Draw straight vertical lines between the top and bottom marks to indicate the center of the studs.

      Remove the base cabinets – If your kitchen cabinets are held together by screws or nails, remove these first. Next, remove the ones that fasten the cabinets to the floor and the wall so that you can detach the cabinets one by one. You will have more space to work on the wall cabinets once the base cabinets have been removed.

      Consider the theme of your home when considering your kitchen options. You want your kitchen to flow nicely with the rest of the house. Avoid creating a kitchen that feels estranged from the rest of the living space. Narrow down the style of the kitchen that you want, this will help you refine your options making the decisions you have to make easier.

      There are cabinets and counter tops that are already almost finished and will just be placed in your kitchen you can consider this or you may want something done exactly as your ‘vision kitchen’. You may also need to consider if you need someone else to do it for you or if you can do it yourself.

      Depending on the color you chose, use three or four coats of the stain you selected on the kitchen cabinets. Allow the paint to dry completely between each coat. Sand them lightly between each coat as well. If you apply more paint before the existing coat has dried, the color will not be as deep and any flaws in the paint job are more likely to be visible.

      Clean the insides of your cabinets regularly. You can do it by clearing all its contents and wiping it out using a wet cloth. You have to make sure that you remove all food leaks and dust that exist within your cabinet. Before returning the items back in the kitchen cabinets, find time to check the expiration dates of those items needed in cooking. Make sure that you do not return in the cabinet those that are already expired or damaged because of leaks. Through this, you are reducing the chances of you and your family to suffer from food poisoning.

      I have always found a great use for used cabinets is in the garage. Put a row of base cabinets with a recycled counter top, and hang wall cabinets above them. This will give you a nice work area and a great place to store all those small things in the garage.

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