10ZiG Supports Complete Imprivata OneSign Authentication Management And Single Sign-On Solutions

10ZiG Technology® has been successfully providing lightning fast, easy access to patient records and healthcare information for doctors and professionals with its Imprivata® OneSign Single-Sign-On (SSO) Certification and compatibility through Proximity Reader technology, and has now mastered support to include Fingerprint Reader technology.

This cutting edge compatibility has been tested and perfected with 10ZiG Citrix and VMware based Clients, and its latest 10ZiG 5900q Series Client, the first in the industry to fully support a triple-monitor 4K UHD setup at the absolute highest performance levels, never seen before.

Imprivata Fingerprint

Imprivata Proximity Reader and Fingerprint Reader SSO compatibilities combined provide a complete authentication solution for simplifying healthcare professionals’ access to virtual desktops, including via 10ZiG Thin & Zero Clients endpoints.

Imprivata SSO-support with a 10ZiG Client offers a highly secure access to clinical and administrative applications, preventing the need for repeatedly having to sign-in across multiple endpoints; all without local OS. Healthcare professionals experience this access to their virtual desktops with “no-click” and no burden of having to remembering multiple passwords.

10ZiG has been quite busy fine-tuning this continued expansion and addressing newly related demands in other markets other than healthcare, such as banking, that truly benefit from these authentication solution features.

“We’re very aware that our customer base is diverse and all verticals rely on us to keep up with ever-changing demands in today’s market. The Imprivata Proximity Card and Fingerprint Readers with 10ZiG Clients offer a range of features like security and convenience for multiple markets. The 10ZiG endpoint difference is focus and service. All we do is Thin & Zero Client hardware and our Tech and Customer Service is top-rated best,” says Kevin Greenway, Chief Technology Officer of 10ZiG Technology.

10ZiG Technology is a world-market leader in Thin & Zero Client endpoint devices for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

Source: realwire.com