Top 10 Vertical Leaders

Top Ten

Below are the manufacturers that Security.World has determined to be the leading vendors in their respective vertical markets within the video surveillance and physical security market.

These listings are in no particular order.

This list is determined based not only on sales/revenue but also market acceptance, awareness, and growth levels.

When considering IP-Cameras, VMS software, Access Control Solutions, Networking, Video Analytic, or Video storage products, you should review these company’s offerings.
(No compensation was provided for the entries on this list!)


Top IP-Camera Manufacturers

IP-Cameras Top 10 Market Leaders

Top VMS Market Leaders

VMS Software Top 10 Market Leaders

Access Control Top Market Leaders

Access Control Top 10 Market Leaders

Access Control Notables:
Diebold, ECKey, Smarter Security, Zwipe, Infinias

Video Surveillance Networking Top 10 Market Leaders

Networking For Video Surveillance Vertical Market Leaders

Networking For Video Surveillance Notables:
  AlliedTelesis, Altronix , Avalan, Extreme Networks, Westermo

Video Analytics Top 10 Market Leaders

Video Analytics Top 10 Market Leaders

Video Storage Top 10 Market Leaders

DVR/NVR/Storage Vertical Market Leaders

Panasonic, Honeywell, Bosch

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    • Sajjad Syed

      Hi, Can we have updated list as of Mar-2021?

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    • Thomas sanders

      It’s incredible how surveillance systems have grown. Now we can choose between a considerable diversity of security cameras system to indoor and outdoors, whether for business, street, parking lot, or whatever property.

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    • regina

      This orientation is clear to us that we don’t know about security cameras or, in general, about surveillance systems.

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    • sulma

      Video surveillance systems in Miami, Florida, are quickly becoming the preferred home protection method, whether for business or residential use. With crime rates continuing to increase and homeowners’ budgets tightening. Investing in a professionally installed home security camera system in Miami can provide you with a low monthly cost while also providing you with the peace of mind of knowing that your property is protected at all times. If you consider installing video surveillance systems in Miami, contact the experts to find out more about the different kinds of security cameras available to protect your home and your family. We offer expert security camera installation in Miami, Florida, and throughout the state of Florida.

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