Customer Service’s Role in Alarm System Sales

By: Audrey Pierson, Audrey Pierson Consulting

In the alarm industry, where value is inherently linked to reliability and trust, customer service is a pivotal factor driving sales, retention, and referrals. As customers navigate the complexities of choosing an alarm system that ensures their safety and peace of mind, the quality of customer service they receive can significantly influence their purchasing decisions and long-term loyalty.

We discussed in our February column how everyone in your company is in sales. That’s certainly true and some departments are more directly involved than others. Unless your plan is to quickly grow your account base and then sell, quality customer service is critical to the ongoing success of your company.

Effective customer service can contribute to your business growth through increased sales income, reduced losses, and time savings. Here are some of the ways:

Gaining Quality Opportunities

The first point of contact between the customer and the company can set the tone for the entire relationship. Effective customer service means answering calls professionally and warmly, while responding to inquiries and assisting the customer. The first person talking to a potential customer can create interest and a request for your proposal or, conversely, indifference and no desire to work with your company, even before you have a chance to bid.

Customer Retention

Excellent customer service can increase customer loyalty. A quick, effective response to customer questions and issues can reassure them, making them more likely to continue their service and less likely to be enticed to switch to a competitor.


Referrals Happy customers are more likely to recommend your company to friends, family, and colleagues. Given that security is a sensitive and personal item, recommendations from trusted sources are a powerful tool to attract new customers.

Brand Reputation

Effective customer service helps build a strong, positive brand reputation. Alarm companies with a reputation for being responsive and attentive are more likely to attract new customers who are looking for reliable security solutions.

Upselling Opportunities

Through regular interactions, customer service can identify opportunities to offer customers upgraded or additional services. For example, a customer with an existing, older alarm system may be receptive to adding smoke detectors or smart home features that were unavailable at the time of their original installation.

Reducing Attrition

By addressing complaints and resolving issues promptly, a company can decrease the likelihood of customers cancelling their services. This is particularly important in areas with a lot of competition.

Avoiding Bid Competition

The true test of an alarm system’s value is its reliability in times of need. Excellent customer service ensures rapid response times not only in addressing potential threats but also in resolving technical issues and answering service calls. Quick and effective handling of such situations creates confidence and loyalty in your customers. When customers feel assured that promised support is accessible and competent, they will often go solely to you for their security services rather than obtain multiple bids.

Enhanced Feedback

Direct interactions with customers provide valuable insights into their needs and pain points, which can in turn inform your product and service improvements. While it’s great to receive kudos about your service, it is just as important to understand what frustrates customers so you can correct those issues.

Excellent customer service isn’t just a support activity; it’s an integral part of your sales strategy, affecting nearly every aspect of business operations. Remember to take time to train and support your customer service team to ensure you are making the most of all potential opportunities.

Audrey Pierson, Audrey Pierson Consulting

Audrey is a 35-year veteran of the electronic security industry who advises, trains, and coaches security sales teams and alarm dealers to achieve success. Her Security Sales Academy delivers online training and live coaching to participants to expand their skills, gain self-confidence, and increase sales.


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