Critical Infrastructure

Veracity Features VIEWSCAPE At Power Grid Resilience Summit

Veracity will be promoting its new complete surveillance solution comprised of COLDSTORE™, (an innovative storage system that is uniquely and specifically designed for video surveillance), TRINITY™, (which allows “smart” IP-cameras to record to COLDSTORE without a physical NVR), and VIEWSCAPE™ (the management front end that provides the “GUI” as well as integration tools for systems ranging from access control and biometrics to building management and HVAC controls).

Schneider Electric Simplifies Security, Environmental Monitoring For Any Size Data Center

Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, today introduced NetBotz™ 250 for more simplified data center physical security. This new low-cost, scalable rack access control and environmental monitoring appliance proactively monitors critical IT assets in real-time, protecting against physical threats, environmental risks, or human error that can disrupt IT operations and reduce reliability. NetBotz 250 can be used for IT deployments of varying applications, including environment monitoring only, rack access only or a combination of both.

Hardening Your Security Against Cyber Attacks

The cyber-attacks on the FBI and American Department of Homeland Security in early 2016 reminded us that cyber security is a very real and pressing concern. And, the more recent Botnet takeovers and distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks demonstrated that many organizations still have a long way to go to make sure that their physical security systems are truly secure. We must not lose sight of the fact that the same platforms that improve an organization’s efficiency can also provide cyber criminals with new ways to access and compromise that organization. As people and organizations enjoy the advantages of connectivity, accessibility, and mobility that our increasing online activity allows we are also putting ourselves at greater risk of cyber criminality. An unprotected or improperly protected physical security system is no exception.

Johnson Controls And DHS Sign Cooperative R&D Agreement On CyberSecurity

In an effort to improve cyber-threat information sharing and analysis, Johnson Controls, a global leader in energy efficiency, integrated solutions and building controls, announces a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Office of Cybersecurity and Communications. The agreement will help secure our nation’s critical infrastructure from those with malicious intent.

Capacity For Storage Fast Becoming Vital Component Of Smart City Infrastructure

Automated road traffic management systems, surveillance systems and storage for the vast amount of data being generated will make up a core part of the future smart city infrastructure. Much of this information is sensitive so the storage technology used needs to be the best available. Understanding how storage works and how end users can access it is now the focus for storage companies as they look to facilitate the adoption of cloud-based data centers. As smart cities grow, video surveillance is set to become a key target for storage companies over the next few years and as the cost of network video surveillance cameras drops below $100 so the cost of implementation will fall. As a result, the most difficult task for storage companies is ensuring the cost of storage or cost per gigabyte falls in-line with this while maintaining high standards of performance, compliance and security over those data management and storage systems.

New Axxon Next integration: MAGO Technology, Advanced Metal Detecting Solution

One of MAGO Technology’s cutting-edge products, the SNOOPER long-distance metal detection sensor, is now integrated with Axxon Next, the state-of-the-art open-platform video management software.

MAGO Technology is an innovative company that focuses on sensor technology detecting variations in the earth’s magnetic field. In April 2016, MAGO partnered with AxxonSoft, a global leader in PSIM and VMS software.

TRENDnet Introduces New Layer 2 Managed Network Switches

TRENDnet®, a global leader in reliable SMB and consumer networking solutions, announced the launch of three new Layer 2 managed switch solutions, offering traffic management, troubleshooting, access control, and monitoring features. TRENDnet introduces two new 48-port Gigabit managed Layer 2 switches, models TL2-G448 and TL2-PG484.

5 Things C-Suite Executives Need To Understand About Protecting Critical Infrastructure

While the typical CEO, IT director, or plant manager feels quite confident that they have a security system that keep the foxes away from their IT coop, many have no idea that there is a viper coiled, ready to strike at their unprotected plant, grid, refinery, or other critical infrastructure where they deploy Operational Technology […]

Montreal Favors Increased Police Presence Over Surveillance Cameras

Despite a push two years ago to install more public security cameras, the City of Montreal still hasn’t installed any in public spaces. Montreal police bought five new cameras in the last two years but none have been installed, documents obtained through an access-to-information request show. The new numbers come after two gay men said they were attacked last month for being affectionate in public while walking to a bar in the Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve borough. Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre said February 2014 the city needed more surveillance cameras after a series of homophobic assaults at Beaudry metro. Unlike American and European cities, some of which have thousands of surveillance cameras, Montreal only has about 20.