Viakoo IoT Security and Video Assurance Innovations Featured at ISC West 2024

Viakoo continues to set new benchmarks in IoT/security device service assurance and remediation with a broad spectrum of high-profile public and private end users, and a continually expanding network of Managed Services Partners (MSPs). By enhancing its flagship solution, the Viakoo Action Platform, with a new IoT Applications-Based Discovery capabilities, Viakoo greatly accelerates the time to discover potential threats and impending device issues, and remediate issues, ultimately shrinking an organization’s attack surface while ensuring sustained security and business system operations.

Lumana Emerges from Stealth to Create a World Where Every Second of Video Delivers Actionable, Impactful Insights

Lumana emerged from stealth with a next-generation video security platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and distributed hybrid cloud architecture, enabling organizations to unlock the full potential of their visual data. Lumana’s cutting-edge technology empowers organizations to enhance security and safety measures, boost operational efficiency and streamline incident response.

WiTTRA Announces an Exclusive Canadian Partnership to Revolutionise IoT for Indoor Positioning to Improve Enterprise Operational Efficiency

In the ever-evolving landscape of the Internet of Things (IoT), where interconnected devices are driving transformative changes across industries, a unique partnership solving one of IoT’s greatest challenges has emerged. WiTTRA Networks, has partnered with Bell Canada (BCE), Canada’s largest communications company, to deliver the full potential of IoT Asset Tracking for Canadian enterprises.

WiTTRA Networks and Mobilaris Industrial Solutions in a unique collaboration to transform asset and material tracking

At industrial and construction worksites, a significant amount of valuable time is today wasted searching for materials, tools and equipment needed to get work done effectively. To address and solve these challenges, WiTTRA Networks and Mobilaris Industrial Solutions have joined forces, combining their unique expertise and leading technologies within IoT and positioning, together launching a state-of-the-art solution for fast and easy tracking of assets and materials – all in just one click in your smartphone.

Z-Wave Alliance Announces Release of Z-Wave Long Range Specification for European Market

The Z-Wave Alliance announces that the specification for ZWLR for the European market has been completed, and will be made available to member companies in an upcoming release. ZWLR ushers in a new era of Z-Wave connectivity, bringing expanded options for the smart home, multi-dwelling units, hospitality, and more.

Actility Boosts Its Middle East IoT Footprint

Actility unveils its strategic initiative to deepen its footprint in the rapidly burgeoning Middle East IoT market, recognizing the pivotal role of LPWAN IoT deployments in this key region. IoT in the Middle East is witnessing an impressive trajectory. According to Business Market Insights, the Middle East & Africa IoT market is expected to grow from US$ 43.99 billion in 2023 to US$ 241.65 billion by 2030

Moxa Achieves World’s First IEC 62443-4-2 Certification for Industrial Secure Routers

Moxa announces the world’s first IEC 62443-4-2 Security Level 2 (SL2) certification for industrial secure routers. This coveted certification was awarded to Moxa’s flagship industrial secure routers, the EDR-G9010 and TN-4900 Series. With this recognition, Moxa has again solidified its position as a global leader in industrial networking with solutions that combine networking and OT cybersecurity with layered defense-in-depth protection.

Essence Security Partners with Videor to Bring its Innovative MyShield Security Solution to the DACH Region

Essence Security announced its strategic partnership with Videor. This collaboration comes on the heels of Essence Group integrating its security solutions with Insocam, a German software and information management provider, opening the availability of Essence Security’s innovative security solution, MyShield, the world’s first all-in-one battery operated IoT smoke-generating intruder intervention and deterrence system, to the DACH market.

Connecting the Unconnected: WiTTRA Networks and LORIOT partner to deliver Global IoT Solutions

WiTTRA Networks has announced a strategic partnership with LORIOT to deliver reliable and secure IoT solutions to clients worldwide. The partnership combines LORIOT’s distributed hybrid infrastructure and software platform with WiTTRA Networks’ expertise in IoT solutions to deliver scalable and comprehensive IoT solutions to clients across various industries.

Smart Cities and Security.World

Urban regions that use cutting-edge technology and data analytics to increase their livability, sustainability, and efficiency have created a new term “Smart Cities.” The idea of these Smart Cities centers on the management and optimization of urban processes through the use of numerous interconnected technologies, including the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing.

i-PRO Introduces NU-Series NVRs, an Easily-Installed, All-in-One Recording Solution

i-PRO announced its new NU-Series network video recorders (NVR), NDAA compliant with intel CPU. The new models are the successors to the NX100 and NX200 models, and are available in four, eight, and 16 channel configurations with in-built PoE(+) power and a slim form factor for easy installation.

Viakoo Service Assurance Manager Ensures Optimal IoT Security System Performance While Dramatically Reducing Downtime

Viakoo highlights the effectiveness of its Service Assurance Manager(SAM)solution for reducing downtime of IoT security systems, such as video and access control, and providing organizations the highest level of security possible. SAM effectively ensures every device on the network is visible and performing as expected to reduce system interruptions and maintain continuous security operations.

Intrinsic ID Launches Software to Protect Billions of Smart, Connected Devices Addressing Worldwide Cybersecurity Challenges

Intrinsic ID announced a new software-only solution that enables every connected device to have a unique identity and hardware-based security anchor, improving the reliability and trustworthiness of these devices, their networks and communications. The IoT security lately has been the subject of international legislation, underscoring the importance of the challenge for worldwide cybersecurity.

Blackline Safety Launches First EU Service Centre

Blackline Safety Corp. announced the launch of its first European Union (EU)-based service centre. As Blackline has achieved 118% revenue growth over the last two years in Europe, the service centre is designed to meet heightened customer demand across the region. The facility occupies a dedicated area within Blackline’s French site, strategically located in the industrial heart of north-eastern France near Lille, and is staffed by an established in-house team of technical and product specialists. Blackline will provide local customer service and offer rentals for Europe out of the centre.

CES 2023 – Unikie Expands It’s IoT Solutions with Low-Energy Bluetooth Technology

Unikie is showcasing a new form of high technology for enabling smart spaces during CES 2023. Every year, millions in value are lost in business environments, retail outlets and warehouses. In addition, sales and retail data is reliant on sales, inventory and manual reporting, making it a hindsight view on business. Unikie is solving this issue and enabling real time awareness by introducing a technology that uses low-energy Bluetooth. It is a new way to create an environment where Bluetooth tags and connectivity bring intelligence to spaces, such as retail stores, warehouses and manufacturing floors.

Actility, Milesight and Akenza Release 3 New IoT Solutions for Indoor Air Quality, Smart Office and Smart Building

Do you  need to monitor and manage your indoor air quality, water leakage, and security? Are you looking for a solution that helps drive an unparalleled mix of device-collaborated flexibility, offering a real-time overview of your workplace? Or are you spending up to 90% of your time inside a working space, and looking to monitor […]

Portnox Debuts First Cloud-Native IoT Fingerprinting and Profiling Solution

Portnox announced the general availability of the first cloud-native IoT security solution to help mid-market and enterprise businesses address rising Internet of Things (IoT) security threats. Now available via the Portnox Cloud, Portnox’s new IoT fingerprinting and profiling capabilities empower organizations to easily and accurately identify, authenticate, authorize, and segment IoT devices across their network to ensure an effective zero trust security posture.

EMQ Officially Announces ‘EMQX 5.0’ With Support For 100M+ IoT Connections [RealWire]

EMQ officially announced the latest release of its IoT platform and MQTT broker, EMQX 5.0. (View and download EMQX 5.0 at and Github.) The latest version has been verified in test scenarios to scale to 100 million concurrent device connections, which is a critically important milestone for IoT designers. It also comes with plenty of exciting new features and huge performance improvements, including a more powerful rule engine, enhanced security management, Mria database extension, and much more to enhance the scalability of IoT applications.