Bluetooth technology

CES 2023 – Unikie Expands It’s IoT Solutions with Low-Energy Bluetooth Technology

Unikie is showcasing a new form of high technology for enabling smart spaces during CES 2023. Every year, millions in value are lost in business environments, retail outlets and warehouses. In addition, sales and retail data is reliant on sales, inventory and manual reporting, making it a hindsight view on business. Unikie is solving this issue and enabling real time awareness by introducing a technology that uses low-energy Bluetooth. It is a new way to create an environment where Bluetooth tags and connectivity bring intelligence to spaces, such as retail stores, warehouses and manufacturing floors.

MedixSafe Now Offers Bluetooth-Enabled Mobile Readers on its Key Control Cabinets

MedixSafe announced that its Key Access Ready Enclosure key control cabinets are now available with Bluetooth format card readers. This wireless technology enables users to access their KARE cabinets using their mobile devices as their access credential, while still offering the high level of security synonymous with MedixSafe’s solutions. With the latest addition of this Bluetooth technology, KARE is now available in three different technologies to achieve access –HID, Multi-Class and Bluetooth format card readers– with a key override built right into the electronic lock.