MedixSafe Now Offers Bluetooth-Enabled Mobile Readers on its Key Control Cabinets

Medixsafe Key Control

MedixSafe announced that its Key Access Ready Enclosure (KARE) key control cabinets are now available with Bluetooth format card readers. This wireless technology enables users to access their KARE cabinets using their mobile devices as their access credential, while still offering the high level of security synonymous with MedixSafe’s solutions.

With the latest addition of this Bluetooth technology, KARE is now available in three different technologies to achieve access –HID, Multi-Class and Bluetooth format card readers– with a key override built right into the electronic lock.

The KARE reader features a Wiegand output that can be connected to any access control panel. Much more than merely a place to store keys, it gives the user control over their keys by limiting access to authorized users only and knowledge of who has accessed keys and when.

The KARE key cabinets come in three sizes: (48-56 Keys) 16″H x 13.5″W x 4.5″D, (12-24 Keys) 10″H x 10″W x 4.5″D, and (192-224 Keys) 36″H x 14″W x 9″D. Each enclosure has a polymer swing handle lock and allows users to use their existing cards or phone. Access to the KARE cabinet is then controlled by the user’s existing access control database. Included are key tag holders that can hold multiple keys or a set of keys.

Each key tag easily snaps open so that names and/or numbers of keys can be inserted. When a different key is placed on the tag, a new label can easily be printed and installed. An Excel template that allows fonts and sizes to be customized is included for printing labels.

“MedixSafe is dedicated to providing the very best in key control,” says Jim Turner, President, MedixSafe.

“Our KARE cabinets with Bluetooth-enabled mobile readers are an ideal choice for users who prefer to use their smartphones as their mobile access credential.”

A leader in the access control cabinet market, MedixSafe began designing and manufacturing narcotics and key control cabinets in 2008. Based on customer requests, MedixSafe designs and builds different sized cabinets to meet customer’s varying needs.